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Apart from the sliimming world plan.....


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What has been the most helpful thing on your weight loss journey? Or is there something that could make it easier do you think?

For me I would say my husbands willingness to eat sliming world friendly foods with no complaints(and usually really enjoying them) has helped a lot and what would help me more would be if there more healthy foods were available that aren't cooked in loads of oil etc to buy when out and about other than really basic stuff :)
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Apart from the actual food plan? The group support - without a doubt - i could have the plan but without the support from the folks in group - i'd not have lasted a month.
This website - I can't get to a group and the ammount of support, understanding and kindness that people show is phenonemal. As is the willingness to kick butt if necessary!


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My children.

Every time I feel like giving up and having something I shouldn't, my kids will tell me I'm not allowed that or "It'll make you fat again" Thats all it takes, and I remember part of the reason I am doing this is for them.
this website and all the lovely people on the site has helped me, esp when i got to my 'usual' 2 stone lull and instead of putting it ALL back on and quitting i read threads, maybe put on about 2lbs and got back on track when i was ready
Might sound stupid, but also the HEAT! I just don't fancy eating much in the heat we've been having. Winters are my worst though! So long may this heat last lol!!!

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X


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My drive to get healthy for my children and for the last baby I want to have. The support I get from group and from Minimins is invaluble - you guys here are all worth your weight in gold! Love you all xxx :kissass::kissass::kissass:
I have to say my wonderful hubby and kids. before I joined sw and was trying to lose weight on my own he sent me flowers when i was down and when i lost a big chunk of weight he went shopping on his OWN and bought me the most gorgeous shoes in the right size and style I love.

He drags my butt out for walks even when I moan about it he motivates me and my kids have been great while i have been relearning to ride my bike they even offer to come out with me for rides even when they could run in to their mates not bad for a 14 and an 11 year old. And they all give great hugs when I need them.
Exercise has helped me, frequent exercise - walking and YourShape mainly :D I love swimming when I can afford it too
Running. It has shaped my body quickly which spurs me on even more, even when the numbers don't move on the scales some weeks. I also enter myself into races which means I can't afford to gain weight!

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