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Apologies and an explanation...


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Hi All,

I have made a lot of good friends on here and I am worried about a thread, posted by wellandgood.

The Long Story...

My sister (22 years) is staying with me this week to give my Mum a break - I work in a school, so have holidays and always try to help my Mum out when I can.

Why on earth does a 22 year old need sitting you may ask? Well, she has schizophrenia. Resulting in her often behaving in unusual ways etc.

Anyway, this morning I had an email from KD (thanks KD for bringing things to light btw ;)) asking why I had reported someone on minimins. My immediate reaction was :eek: there is some mistake. I had a little poke on the forum and :sigh::sigh: it appears a few threads have been replied to, that I haven't wrote. Guess who I thought...and I was right. :cry:

I've since changed my password (I don't know how she got it in the first place) so it hopefully will not happen again.

I just want to apologise to anyone who may have read wellandgoods thread.

The reason I have decided to tell you all this is because I have had enough to say the least. And I certainly don't want anyone thinking that I have been unkind or insensitive to other people's CD journey.

I live on this forum practically and would be lost without it. I hope you can all see past this blip. I'm really very embaressed and cross :mad::mad::mad::mad:

What gets me is (sorry deep and meaningful) I have bent over backwards for the girl and arranged lovely outings for us over the course of the week, and this is how she repays me. I was already peed right off with her yesterday, she ordered a pizza delivery after saying 30 mins beforehand that she wasn't hungry. Then, typical of her sat there eating the pizza, telling me in great detail how lovely it was and laughing at me being unable to have it, torturing me with childish comments "I know you want some, but I guess it's tough s**t" etc. In the end, I left my own lounge and went into the bedroom, and who follows me in! thank god my HB told her Not to go in our bedroom. (I think in all honesty he was embaressed at his boxers all over the floor!!! lol )

Also, £20 seems to have disappeared from my purse.

I'm sorry guys to bombard you with my family problems.

Hugs x x x
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Aw hun, (((((((big big hugs)))))).
Please don't worry, I'm sure anyone offended will now understand completely.



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You poor thing. That must be so hard. Don't worry, am sure you haven't offended anyone. xxx

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Gosh hun, poor you. At least you know now and can keep a close eye on things. Your friends on here probably would have known it didn't sound like you anyway. We are on here so much, we get to know eachother pretty well.

Good luck hun xxx


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No offence taken. I already pm-ed you. thanks
mental illness is a really hard thing to live with both for the individuals and the familes (and yes I am speaking from personal experience of a very close family memeber who has been mentally ill for over 10yrs)
It can be soul destroying but as it is an illness, we are loathe to say, no more!
I have been put in terrible situations and also scary ones... it isn';t always just the illness it;self, the medication can have terrible side effects both physically and cause some very disturbing behaviours.

I hope you manage to have a good time with your sister, you obviously need to get some solid ground rules, but am sure everyone will understand now you have explained the problem :)
Goodluck on your journey and well doen for not giving into tempatation of the pizza which I think will always be my weakness :)



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Thanks everyone for your kind messages.

As Tilly says, it is an illness. There have been many times I have been seething with rage with behviours that just 'occur'. Believe me, a message on a thread is nothing, just embaressing and upsetting.

I think I tend to get the brunt of it because i think she knows no matter how far i'm pushed i'll always be there.

I get upset because I try to do things so she doesn't get bored, or have a chance to scheme up something, but there is always time that she will find. Obviously she doesn't work (she has epilepsy too) so when she comes to me, i'm always generous and happy to treat. I just feel like i've had a slap in the face.

We're supposed to be driving up to Torquay tomorrow (our mum is on holiday there with our aunt) we are going for a day out. I haven't told my Mum what has happened because i don't want to ruin her holiday. But i am worried that she will notice tension between us. (which by the way i'm sure Olivia loves).

We were supposed to go out today, but as the £20 went missing I've refused (said it was petrol money) in hope she'd give it back. Obviously, she has denied it, hence why I'm at home thinking "what am I going to do, is she going to kick off, what is she doing in my spare room" etc...

Well and truely fed up :(

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