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  1. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    I just wanted to share an experience I had last night as I was soooooooo chuffed I couldnt stop grinning.

    Last night I decided to go and see the olds (my parents). I called when i was on my way and my dad asked me to pick him up from the pub on my way.

    So as he asked i popped in and just waited for him to finish his drink when I heard "Dana? Oh my god is that you Dana?"

    I looked over to see the land ladies mother who was squinting at me lol
    this was the bar I worked in for many years but when I went off to do further education I had to leave.

    I went over to see molly and she made such a big fuss of me saying how fantastic I looked she then called heather (the land lady) out of the kitchen to check me out lol Heather's words were "there will be nothing left of you soon"

    Ha ha I felt fantastic!
    I REALLY didn't think it was THAT noticeable, i mean i knew i had lost but didn't think it was worthy of that reaction.

    At 5pm today I have my second WI, I am weighed fortnightly so am really looking forward to finding out what my loss total is.

    Just thought I would share as it made me feel damn good about myself x
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  3. gembots

    gembots Full Member

    Wow. What a fantastic response you got.

    Glad it's given you an extra boost.

    Good luck for tonight.
  4. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Thanks Gem!
    It really has given me a boost :D

    I wish I had taken before pictures BUT as I was sceptical (shame on me) I didn't bother.
  5. sonya

    sonya Full Member

    That's really good news.
    You must feel on top of world! :character00100:
  6. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    Hey Dana, that's fabulous, it's always nice to have someone notice like that!
    I've had 2 instances where people i don't see very often genuinely did not know who i was when i spoke to them after bumping into them in the of them had a 5 minute conversation with me and then went off still not knowing who i was (my mate's mum) until my mate text me to check if it was and how embarrassed her mum was about it...hee hee!

    I know what you mean too about not thinking you look much different, my stats were similar to yours at the start so I couldn't actually believe that i looked 'that' different but obviously you do hun!! well done you!
  7. gembots

    gembots Full Member

    My CDC took a photo of me at my first WI so I'm looking forward to seeing the differenc when I get to goal.
  8. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Dana, that's great!!! Those genuine, unexpected compliments are fab for keeping us on target... you don't always see how much difference there is yourself, but seeing it through someone else's eyes can put you on cloud nine! Good luck for your WI, my fingers are crossed for you... have a feeling it's gonna be good!
  9. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Thanks guys x
    It sure did put me on cloud 9 and Katy I will be sure to zip home after weigh in and report my loss.

    I just want to thank you all as reading this forum is what keeps me going. Your all so fab! x
  10. Letty

    Letty Full Member

    Hi Dana, yay for you! That's what it's all about.
    I haven't really seen anyone since starting, but my boyfriend assures me he can tell the difference (and is very pleased that I'm happy to parade around in the buff again!).
    Had my own rather less exciting, but nonetheless satisfying boost last night: I got in the bath for the first time in a week or two, and noticed that I am not touching the sides as much and can get more of me under the waterline! It is only a silly thing, but was a much more satiisfying bathtime and reminded me of the inch-loss to boot!

    THese are the things that keep us going I suppose!
  11. Twingo31

    Twingo31 Full Member

    Yay! well done on the bath thing, i noticed the same thing myself last night and thats only about a stone so far for me. Little things keep you going dont they.
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  12. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Aw Letty thats really good!
  13. joe2009

    joe2009 Full Member

    hey peeps, same has happended to myself although it wasn't the best of circumstances, a relative of mine had passed away and so loads of the family and friends got together for the funeral, i cant think of 1 person that didn't compliment me on my weightloss, they all ranged from your looking so well to your withering away to nothing, was well chuffed, in 6 weeks i've lost 3 stone, none of my jeans fit me except for a pair i had hidden in the wardrobe from years ago. the suit i had to wear at the funeral was actually swinging on me lol. CD is the best thing to happen to me in years and long may it continue!!! well done with all your weight loss peeps!!
    Last edited: 12 March 2009
  14. Amyeve

    Amyeve Mummy of 2!

    wow thats great! cant wait for the comments:D
  15. squange22

    squange22 Full Member

    Well done on you lady!!!
    I bet you feel on top of he world!! Like everyone has commented, those are the moments that make all the hard work seem worthwhile!
    I am so chuffed for you! I can't wait for the day that I am hoping to bump in to someone i haven't seen for a while instead of hiding from people in the supermarket (like i usually do at the moment!!!) lol!!
    Again, Well done!!! ;)

  16. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Awwww thanks guys.

    And just when I think things cant get any better i just had my WI and lost another 7lbs :D

    Thats 18lbs in 4 weeks :bliss:
  17. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

  18. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    Yay... you are doing so well, no wonder you scooped those compliments! Keep on 100% and you'll be at target before you know it!
  19. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Thanks Katy x
    CDC advised me to SS+ this week as it is my 5th week.
    I didn't really want to but guess i should if she's advised.
  20. sleepybird

    sleepybird wants a pony

    Good on ya mate, you look geooorgeous in your profile picure so can't wait until you post the ones of you at target. Im so chuffed for you xx
  21. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Awww shucks your so sweet!:ashamed0005:
    Thanks chick x

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