Appetite suppressants to combat ghrelin???

Discussion in 'Very Low Calorie Diets' started by Karen1972, 18 September 2006 Social URL.

  1. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    I've just read Sarah's (Westigirl) thread about ghrelin and i'm shocked to the core! Apparently after losing so much weight in such a drastic way, our bodies think we've been starved so the hormone ghrelin is very high to get us to eat loads to put weight back on. It basically stops us getting that full feeling.

    And boy can i identify with that!! Since getting to goal weight in May, i have had terrible binges. I did not binge before the diet and i'm amazed by how much food i can consume before feeling full. The knowledge of grehlin explains it all and apparently it takes 12 months before it settles back down.

    I'm supposed to be seeing a nutritionist at my GP's surgery next week but due to work commitments i've had to cancel and she's only there once a fortnight - how very annoying! I would have loved to have this conversation with her!

    I'm thinking about taking an appetite suppressant to deal with my body's rejection of me eating few calories (i eat 1000 a day cos i have a few pounds to lose to get me back on track but i'm bingeing two days out of seven so 2 steps forwards 1 step back!).

    I would appreciate your opinions on this.....
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  3. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    Damn i missed the thread - gonna have a looksy now

  4. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    Cant find a thing on it...

    Can you link me?

  5. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

  6. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    I will go and read anon!

  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I read another huge article about binging and dieting. Posted it on the pink site before this site was born.

    It was really interesting. How people seemed to start binging after they had dieted, when they weren't before. They were testing on normal weight people too and found they were not only binging, but more likely to get depressed:(

    Okay....that is such bad news. Along with the ghrelin research.

    But at the end of the day, there is no 'cure' other than what's in ourselves. Not for the moment anyway.

    I had to diet. I had no choice. I had tried the 'healthy eating only' job and had failed miserably. So now I have to bear the consequences.

    Does that sound negative? I don't mean it to sound so. I'm feeling positive. At least I know that I'm probably not just a greedy guts....that there is a reason for this.....

    Now I just have to take the responsibility of dealing with these problems.

    Regardless of what caused it. We still have the same job to do. Being aware of these problems, helps us understand why...that's all....for the moment anyway.
  8. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    I found after I came off Lipotrim I was at first nervous about eating and craved nuts and more nuts...

    Found it hard to get back onto SSing and had one binge in July that did get me thinking...was this now going to be the result of being on the diet...

    But have to say when I decide to stop trying to SS and I followed the step and waited for the right time...I noticed that that full feeling had kicked in and I believed once that was gone and especially for so long it would never work again and it does...without the aid of a tight belt or trousers I have a trigger that says full which has replaced the old one that said go on you still have more room....

    Also last week with my dog sick and hurting her leg I did not feel the need to comfort eat...

    I have no explanation, just reporting how it is. Don't know if it will last or not.

    I do take the very odd magnesium tablet and I think this has helped.

    Have not had a bad craving for nuts since I started taking it...

    Love Mini xxx
  9. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Hmmmm it is scaring me to death! I'm seriously considering phentermine for a few months whilst continuing with 3 x LL packs and one healthy meal - but not sure i can get it prescribed as i'm a healthy BMI - well at least i will be when i lose the glycogen stores again!!!

    It takes such a strong mind to fight off your body's urges, it's no wonder most people pile it all on!!!

    I'm so hacked off, it's just not fair!!!!
  10. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD
    I am so glad I come on this forum. I have decided to start management next week and by educating myself to the issues I stand the best chance of managing my weight thanks to you guys :D
  11. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Chicken i feel exactly the same way!!! This site is a godsend isn't it?!?!

    Forewarned is forearmed eh?

    I have serious binge issues but i am not gonna let this beat me!! no way!
  12. Geri

    Geri Gold Member

    I remember my counsellor talking about this ages ago, didnt really take much notice to be honest! :eek:

    The thing is Karen, yes the appetite suppressants will take the hunger away, but it won't stop the binges, at least didnt for me! When do you ever binge coz you are hungry??

    Just a bit of 'food for thought' scuze the pun!
  13. westhills

    westhills I STILL mean it!

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    I have NEVER had such serious "munchies" and cravings as when I came off phentermine once, after losing about 6 stone on it. There was nothing anyone could have done to stop me eating short of lock me up.
    I would urge you seriously to NOT go down that route. Make sure your body is properly nourished with vitamins etc. as it can mistake malnourishment for "hunger".
    I agree that this is a path we all have to go down - and the answers lie within ourselves.
    I have been "eating" for 5 weeks now, so far, so good.

    Ann xxx
  14. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Hi Geri and Ann

    Thanks for your comments. Geri you raise a good point, it does start with hunger tbh (cos i'm eating 3 LL packs during the day i'm always counting down the minutes for my next pack) so i'll kid myself that i'll just have a bit of meat - then it just snowballs from there. I went to tesco on sunday for a "bit of meat" and this is what i bought :

    3 slices of ham
    3 slices of peppered beef
    3 slices of corned beef
    3 slices of garlic chicken
    a packet of chicken and stuffing
    a packed of chicken tikka
    a pack of edam cheese slices
    pickled onion
    branston pickle
    packet of snack a jacks

    So this is how distorted my mind is! I'm kidding myself that this "bit" of meat won't hurt. I sat there with a plateful (although didn't even get through half of it cos i got bored). Then went to the shop and bought to galaxy bars. Then went to the garage and bought 2 pkts of crisps and 2 dairy milk bars. Then went to the chipshop and bought pastie and chips with curry and bbq sauce.

    It's the same story every single time - i need to NOT start with the meat!! How thick am i ??? grrrr

    Ann I did phentermine a while back too, and as always piled the weight back on.

    I don't know what the answer is - i am mostly excellent during the week but my one binge at the weekend will ruin all my good work!

    I will beat this though, of that i'm certain!
  15. Roch

    Roch Minimins gal x

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    Low cal/low fat
    Sorry am being a bit thick but is Phentermine the same as reductil !
  16. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    My conculsion :)

    I have read about this now and am an instant expert...

    Well not really (tis the reason why most people pile the weight back on after a diet, overeating etc etc which is not a new thing, it just now has a 'name'

    And thats prehaps the scary thing.

    But i am not altogether that scared of it. Like other have said its about watching the scales once in a while and maintaining.

    Something that generally happens (piling weight back on) now has a name...thats all.

    Nothing to worry overtly about.

  17. Ivy

    Ivy Silver Member

    I dont know if its the same but my doctor wont prescribe reductil point blank...

    Thinks its too dangerous and not 'tested' enough for his liking.

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  19. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    No idea babe. Phentermine is a pill prescribed by private diet clinics across the UK. It's an appetite suppressant. It's good but the effect do wear off after a while. and i think you're only allowed to take it for 12 weeks at a time.

    I was even considering taking speed yesterday - altho couldn't deal with not sleeping!!

    I have a cousin who takes this from time to time and weight just drops off her. Makes her v v v v v moody though and i feel sorry for her daughter when she's doing it!
  20. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    HI Ivy,

    Loved the instant expert quip - v good and oh so true hehe

    I know what you're saying but i've always believed people put the weight back on out of not learning the errors of their ways and just being plain greedy! I had no idea that it was due to a hormone imbalance! Before knowing about ghrelin i thought i could change but knowing my body is working against me i feel the struggle is going to be much harder than first anticipated! hence my reason for wanting to counteract it.

    At the end of the day it is about willpower and mind over matter. I am a strong person and nothing will make me fat ever again - as long as i keep believing this i'll be fine! i hope!
  21. westhills

    westhills I STILL mean it!

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    No, phentermine is not the same as reductil. It is an amphetamine-like drug,which, I have to be honest, makes you feel MARVELLOUS. Until you stop taking it, and then you don't feel marvellous at all. The brand I used to take was called ionamin. They are expensive, and I used to get mine prescribed privately ( 10 - 20 years ago.) nowadays you can buy them on line.
    I hope that others will listen and learn from my (and others) experience. They are a "quick fix" - they do not provide any lasting answers for weight loss or weight control.
    Ann xxx
  22. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Ann you are right - i was just thinking of a way to lose this last 12lbs again, i guess i'm a v impatient girl!! And of course, thought that it could dampen the ghremlin for a while - i think the ghremlin levels are high for a year after losing weight - wonder if it would return after coming off phentermine - i guess it would?? Just delaying the inevitable!

    IT'S NOT FAIR!!! (stamps feet very loudly!)
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