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Apple or Pear


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Just wondering what we all are
I am a definite pear with most of my excess weight (not all) on my lower stomach hips and thighs

I know the area I want to lose it from will be the last to go - and I know spot exercising doesnt help it shift from those areas

so just wondering what the rest of you are and where your weight is going from

mine is definitely starting to go from my wrists and ankles and some from my neck - I just know my thighs and calves are going to be the last to thin down

BUT I do now have lovely wrist bones and soon to be collar bones ( you need to be in the right light to see those ones) think my ankles might be next

so ladies where are you looking forward to it going from and what shape are you
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I am most definitely an apple shape - tend to put all my weight on round the middle and not that much on my thighs and bum really.

The great thing with the VLCD was that the fat DID actually go from my problem area first - that was the first time that had ever happened.

What I do notice is that its also the first place for the weight to go on if I have to much stodge or sugar! :(


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I think I'm a pear, but when I was very big, I was big all over.
I look a bit like a melting candle now, with lots of saggy skin :(
Still, I'd rather have that, than the fat back again.
My upper arms are very bad, I look like a flying squirrel! Thank God for little shrugs and cardis.
If I manage to get the boobs fixed, they'll be the only firm bits of me.


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No Twiggy I have my new specs on and I can see you the tree trunk looks more like a growing tree and it is next to you
I can tell the difference as your skin is far far smoother :)

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