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Apps for the iphone

I havent come across one as yet Hun.
I love my iphone but haven't found any Slimming World Apps.

BigOven is a good recipe database that you can download, I've tweaked a few of the recipe's to make them ok for Slimming World.
I wish you could get Iphone on other networks. I don't want to change from Orange, I get really good loyalty discounts.
Sorry my post wasn't really helpful there.

Am curious what sort of apps your friend has? Are there any that could be tweaked for Slimming World?
If you manage to find one please let me know!! I don't have an iPhone but I have an iPod Touch which is basically the same without the phone side of it. I absolutely love it - couldn't be without it now!!
I have a Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Phone and I do absolutely everything on it from reading lots of books, playing games, diary, photos to spreadsheets and databases. I haven't come across anything from SW and would dearly love the Food Directory on it so that I could use it easily which out shopping. I have written a recipe database in Microsoft Access and I have an application which allows me to synchronise that with my pocket pc. If I'm stuck while out shopping for what to buy, I can look through my recipes and find out what ingredients I need to buy. The only downside is I have to type all my recipes in on my computer but at least I have a handy list of all the recipes I like.
Thanks for your replies, i am already on o2 and due an upgrade so i got the iphone free and my tariff is the same amount as before, i have been looking on google and found 2 apps that can be used for slimming world but i don't get my phone until tomorrow so can't check them out. iPhone Apps | Apptism
Ive been searching for one too, would be brilliant! i found one that could keep a tally and work out the points for WW although it was not an official version!

Ive even considered trying to learn how to make an app for SW as it would be fabulous - but where as with WW its a simple calculation to work out the point value, with our diet there are lists and lists of syns and there values, and the same again for the different options and the free foods - it would possibly take a huge amount of code to create, where as the good folks at SW will already have this for anyone else to re-create the level of detail needed it would take hours, which is more than likely why someone hasnt made it yet!

i might send a note via the SW website as i think it would be fabulous to have, and i would pay a £1 or so to have it on my phone, as it would make life so much easier than keep going on the website to update my diary!
I wouldn't know where to start trying to make one but one of the apps i found is some kind of syn counter and the other is a diet tracker i think, i have no idea if they are official versions or not tho
gosh would be nice but would think it will take a while to develop - to create something like this would take a fair old amount of time, so much info to build into the app especially if they want to make it pretty!

but hey maybe they have an app expert - and i think the fact its a global thing hopefully they will get some IT geek :) to work on it :):)

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