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Are Pork scratchings Atkins friendly


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They come in a bag and say pork scratchings


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Your right sarah, have thrown them in the bin.
Hi Jill
Pork scratchings are absolutely fine to eat on atkins as the diet is all about eating fats proteins and veg, i eat them and still lose weight, alot of people on atkins use them for a snnack :0)


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Pure fat is actually a positive thing on this diet. Scratchings are actively recommended by dr Atkins as a useful food. Don't go nuts obviously but the average bag is usually under 200 cals. I am not a huge fan of them taste wise, but they're more than fine to have. Sarah I think is on slimming world which has very different considerations.


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I didn't open the packet and threw them in my study paper bin so all is not lost.............:)

Very tasty yum


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Cor yes! I was introduced to pork scratchings only a few months ago in the pub. They looked awful but the taste was great (especially with a pint!) But yes according to The Book pork scratchings/rinds are alright.

What I don't like though is that often the seasoning is full of MSG which doesn't make my digestive system feel too good. However, you can buy the actual crackling from Morrisons and all you need to do is season to your liking and put in a hot oven.

Very useful to know! I am partial to some pork scratching, love the homemade stuff, my local pub sells them :) xx


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Yes i love pork crackling, scratchings etc. It's really good when you are just dying for something crunchy. Also the high fat content makes them a substantial snack if you are a lng way from legal food!

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