Are the Rapid Weight Gain Rumours True?

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by Loopy, 29 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    ive been a dukan dieter for one week now, and lost 8 pounds which I am most motivated by.....but on searching the net for more information i came across pages and pages of past dukaners who say they lost stones and stones in weight but after introducing carbs they pilled it back on.

    Natrually this is any dieters worst nightmare - and after all the propaganda is making me worried about the weight maintenance long term.

    I am eager to continue with this diet as I think its the best at reseting ones mindset and relationship with food, helping one make the healthier choices

    but is this rapid weight gain rumour true - should i be worried? what do you all think?

    fingers crossed for positive responses to this post.
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  3. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    my opinion is that I have full faith in this diet :)

    not only due to the motivational weight loss but due to its benefits on changing my taste buds to appreciate the more 'natrual' foods e.g. yogurt rather than chocolate, and the protein rich diet has reduced my appetite AND my food portions AND stopped me snacking :D

    so i believe this is a win win, excellent diet, and with such motivational future loss of 1 - 2 pounds per week im beginning to feel the exercise bug creep into my life :) 20-30 minute walk here i come :)
  4. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Silver Member

    I did Dukan on and off last year, its not something I can do for long. But anyway, i never experienced rapid weight gain, its all about self control more than anything. Ive never been a binger so probably not likely to put on loads of weight in a short period of time, I also exercise alot which helps me maintain the healthy weight i am.

    But i was worried that when i stopped i would gain, all ive gained back a little is the inches round my waist and hips!
  5. CheeseGirl

    CheeseGirl Gold Member

    It's all in your own hands, I'd say. You can follow any diet under the sun and lose weight but if you go back to your old ways you'll gain it back regardless. The trick isn't losing the weight, it's keeping it off. I've not reached conso yet, but the dukaners on here who have followed it to the letter haven't gained - for example adding 2 slices of toast to their menu. BUT, if you add a loaf of toast, then my guess is you'll gain it back pretty quickly :)
  6. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    Thank you thank you both cheese girl and zoesastar I agree with you both it's not about a diet it's about progressing towards and maintaining a healthy lifestyle choice which involves making the right decisions.

    With your realistic but encouraging responses uve put my worries to rest :) I hope I can be as strong as u both and see this through to stabilisation and thereon after.

    Thanks again :)
  7. xeilidhx

    xeilidhx Gold Member

    This. If you stick to the rules it works. I've maintained since september. Granted I'm only half way through conso but I'm happy!
  8. Clover89

    Clover89 Silver Member

    In the dukan book, Mr dukan says himself alot of people reach the end of cruise and stop the diet, they don't carry conso through and thus introduce all sorts of foods Willy nilly, which obviously would make u gain.. Follow it to the tea and you will be fine. My sister lost over 6St on dukan and had done a month of conso but had 2weeks break at xmas and gained 12lb but that's becos she ate whatever. She has lost that plus more now by going straight bk to conso xx
  9. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Gold Member

    All of the above...........i am still two stone out from my TW but i do truely believe this diet will work for me. I have already got myself totally in to the mindset of how this diet works and that I will WILL lose all my weight and keep it off. I have been big for such a long time that the idea of ever going back there is totally abhorrent to me.

    As had already been said, any diet works as long as you stick to the programme and follow it. If you go off plan its bound to fail.

    ignore all that info you found, you are obv in the right frame of mind to lose weight and keep it off. Go girl.......
  10. Supertonic

    Supertonic Full Member

    There is this persistent myth that once you finish a diet ie reach the weight you think you want to be, that you can just carry on as if you'd never had a weight problem.

    Well, I'm sorry to disillusion you but it ain't so...

    Of course weight will go on if you consume carbs like they're going out of fashion. There is no way that someone with weight issues can eat carbs indiscriminately, and the diet just makes it worse because there is more room to fill, as it were. Happily if you watch the carb intake and follow the rules I think it is possible to avoid the problem
  11. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    When I saw the title of this post, immediately the word "YES" came into my head. You'll have seen many oldtimers returning over and again with high losses over short periods of time.

    But as others have said, provided people don't forget that "the Dukan Diet" has FOUR phases, and not just two, this shouldn't be an issue. Once one reaches target and passes into phase three, the REAL work starts!

    <that was a note to myself!>
  12. Loopy

    Loopy Full Member

    I would like to thank you all for such helpful and encouraging feedback. You've helped me gain perspective that putting the weight back on it a risk following any diet if you go back to bad habits and do not follow the diet reccomendations.

    It made me assess two of my friends, both who have been on different diets (slimming world and the other on a healthy diet and exercise regime) and although they both lost 3stone each, they've put it back on because they fell into bad habits. This happend not because the diet failed but because of my friends perhaps not the best dietry choices. Its an easy mistake to make, and we are all at risk of doing the same because when we reach our ideal goal and feel the battle is over.... but everyones kind, realistic and informative replies have really encouraged me to keep going and see this through to the very end! I know I will be revisiting this post time and time again when I hit phases 3 and 4 to keep me going and keep me on track.

    Many thanks to you all for your time and comments :)
  13. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Maintainer that is so true - and im sure everyone on conso will so agree with you - that is when the hard work starts - I found losing the weight easy - maintaining is harder but if you stick to the rules of conso it does work - I've been maintaining since July and cos I was on cruise for a year ill be on conso for a long time - probably the rest of my life lol :) I still don't have any of my former trigger foods - such as crisps, chocolate, biscuits, cake etc. - I've gone so long without them I don't miss them now and I know if I have them again it will start off my cravings for them - I suppose its like a smoker or an alcoholic whose given up for a year - if they had a cigarette or an alcoholic drink then I'm sure it would set of the yearning again - my body has forgotten what chocolate is and I'm sure as hell not going to remind it!!! ;-)
  14. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Thank you scooter. I'm a very good dieter - hey I've been doing it half of my life; I'm a good binge eater too (the other half)... it's this "normality" business which is such a mystery to me!

  15. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Yep same here!! Before dukan I binged or dieted there was no "normal" eating whatsoever!!! Even on dukan I sometimes have bingey days where I eat more than I need to - sometimes belly hurts I've had so much but at least now it's dukan friendly things!! :) and they don't put me any weight on!
  16. trudyc

    trudyc Gold Member

    Agree with all of the above! I have found conso v hard because I have always been a dieter and a binger, conso sent me over to the dark side and I allowed it to, going back to my binging and yo yo dieting,BUT, this time I am not burying my head in the sand, back on cruise to get the 19lbs off and then embracing conso with gusto!!!!! X

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