Diary of a fat old bird to mature elegant swan!

Well...after a lifetime of yoyo dieting, self loathing, and general failure mode, at 58, I've finally decided that something has to be done if I'm to avoid being trapped in this circle for the rest of my life.

I'm taking on board slimming world and trying to address this totally negative mindset I have nurtured!

No offence meant to those under 50 successful dieters out there, but none of those glossy magazines for dieters ever feature anyone over 45 on the front cover...even the latest lady on the inside of one of them who, at 47 has amazingly lost over 17 stone! An inspiration indeed!!

So, my biggest challenge is managing eating out, which we do quite a lot. Having managed to deal with main courses at our favourite restaurant, I now turn to desserts which always leave me feeling deprived and that life is unfair as my husband downs his dessert having first eaten all the complimentary bread buns with lashings of butter, and the complimentary bowl of chips meant for two, along with a couple of pints of beer AND his dessert, along with coffee with cream, and the chocolate mint!...all without even a smell of a weight gain!

So I have to tackle my fear of 'trusting the system' and my fear of syns, oh, and my obsession with the scales, and turn this mindset round.

On 1st November I was 227.5lbs which, at 58 and 5'3" is not a pretty sight...and I hate to sweat, so I'm not overly enthusiastic about exercise either (that's probably an understatement)! I then proceeded two have two days of wallowing in self pity (again), I have decided that enough is enough and got down to Slimming World...well at least yesterday was the first day. But I'm not weighing again until 8th and I'm hoping (having had the two days of feeling sorry for myself which inevitably leads to eating anything that stands still long enough) that I can at least weigh no more on 8th...and be satisfied with that!

See you on the 8th!!
Hi and welcome Chuckles, at 4'11" I'm even shorter than you and am a female Humpty dumpty. Eating out is always a challenge and I've just given up doing it if I can. I've found too that as you get older losing weight is so much harder, bits of your body just let you down.
I don't like sweating either so swim and walk.
Well, I have to get my head round this eating out thing cos it's one thing I'm not prepared to sacrifice. I'm not really a drinker so that's one thing I don't have to contend with (thankfully) but I'm trying to alter my way of thinking to this being a marathon, not a sprint! Lol! So with that in mind...and the fact that my first two days were 'feeling sorry for myself' days :/ I hope that the scales will be kind to me on Wednesday. I will be ok with a sts, but ecstatic if there's a loss...any loss!! Lol!!