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Are there any men here?


in this to win!..
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)

I'm not stalking you promise!! I think we may be the only two people up at the moment!

I'm not sure about CD but I know there are quite a few men on the Lipotrim Forum... Fattothin, Howdy-Doody, Scazman, Philip... it works in the same way as CD so you could get some useful advice from a male perspective.



in this to win!..
Thats handy to know, cheers!
Until then I'll be stalking you! lol

No seriously its not that important to me, just trying to get to grips with what type of people are on here, and finding my way around the site. I cant seem to post a profile picture or some other things but i think that may be restricted for reasons im not sure of..
Time will tell i guess...
you have to make so many posts to be able to put things on your profile i think. so keep posting.lol.
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
You have to reach certain amounts of posts before you can add profile pics and increase your signature space... I think it's 50 but don't quote me on it!!


Welcome to CD Martin - not sure how many men are on here but the support and encouragement through highs and lows applies to all. Good luck with CD. What's you weight loss goal?


The Diet Guy
Hi Martin

Bloke here :)

If you need any advice you need but ask.



in this to win!..
Aha!! Cheers!
Hi Martin,

You're not the only bloke....

I've just started my CD journey too, I am currently on Day 8 and delighted with a 10lb loss in my first week.

I've just had a very up-and-down first week to be honest, nearly quit this on three occasions during Days 5-7 but so glad I didn't as something seems to have changed now that I can include the bars and water flavourings. If you need any encouragement, motivation etc. then feel free to get in touch - I am sure the favour will be returned some time!!!

My wife is doing this too, but she is on Sole Source Plus and has just grilled a chicken breast which is wafting upstairs and smells amazing!!!

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S: 22st0lb C: 14st8lb G: 14st5lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 7st6lb(33.77%)
Hi Martin,

Another bloke here :)

In my 5th week, lost 1st 10lb so far.

Keep going.
Hi Martin, I am really trying to persuade my hubby to join me in my CD journey and he's said he might give it a go after our holiday in just over 4 weeks. I really hope he will do it and if he does, I will get him on here! x


in this to win!..
Thats great guys!
Seems like your doing really well, I just gotta persevere and stick with it 100% and the results will eventually come.

Its funny how this diet has already high lighted my relationship with food. Today is my first day off in 12 days of work, its a day I'd usually cook a roast dinner for me and my good lady, along with having some munchies and quite a few beers.
Going to the shop this morning (for her) and only buying a jar of decaf coffee and a pack of hermaseters (sweeteners) was a strange experience.

I went to bed after getting home from work feeling pretty positive, then when i awoke i was grumpy and dealing with thoughts of having food, or the feeling of missing out on all this wonderful food( so my brain was telling me).

Its only day 2 and its not like temptation to break the diet and eat, but im realising how my mind has been operating on the routine of eating rubbish, infact just eating all together. I see now how much I have been using food as a comfort tool. Kind of going through cycles at the moment:

1 min - 'Ahh sunday, day off work, i can have a nice dinner, few beers and some munchies..'

1 minute later - 'argh no! cant,.. wont.. never mind..'

Few minutes later - 'right then, what shall i have to eat tonight... yeah some munchies and a film..'

1 minute later - 'argh damn it! cant!!'


Hi again Martin,

Just wrote you a reply in "Quick Reply" and it has vanished... finding my way round this site a bit at a time, so guess that I maybe typed too much and "Quick Reply" binned it! Not sure what all the "rules" are yet....

Anyway, just wanted to say I smiled when I read your comments regarding thoughts of food, then remembering you're on CD, then forgetting again 5 minutes later!!! Me too, do this a lot - gradually less over the week and a bit I've been doing this.

One thing I've learned is that I typically used to have quite a few knee-jerk responses that involved food (e.g. to boredom, to friends being round, to feeling down) and usually I would be reaching for the nearest bowl of nachos & chilli before I really thought about whether I was actually hungry.

I have also learned to appreciate that my "old" portion sizes were WAY too big - at the moment I would be grateful for even a small crumb off the edge of a chicken, mayo & avocado sandwich! I am going to ensure I carry this new-found awareness of portion sizes into the months ahead when food gets introduced again.

By the way, I notice you're also in Southampton like me. Who is your CD counsellor? Ours is Sharon in Woolston, she's been great.

Keep going... roll on that first weigh-in. You will be so impressed and proud of yourself. :D

hi Martin, another bloke here, how are you getting on with it.

i am on day 5 of sole source and have been struggling not cheated yet though!!!!!! first few days were okay but now feel dizzy and have no energy. being a weekend doesnt help either has everyone around me seems to be eating lovely food.

anyway hope it goes ok, i just hope i start to feel better soon


in this to win!..
Hi mate, just replied to your other post.
Be sure to speak to your cdc if you have concerns, they may suggest something that you hadn't thought of.

Out of interest what is your daily intake of packs and water? As i said earlier my cdc said to do SS for 4 days then on the 5th day onwards have a portion of protein, like a tin of mackerel, which is handy for me as i love 'em, a lot of people don't!

having something like this will help to minimize the drag on your body and morale.
morning martin, hows it going?

im on week 8 now and to be honest i dont think about food anymore, i cook and shop for hubby and kids even buy kfc ar chippy sometimes and it really dosnt bother me, im sure you will do great on cd, after a while it becomes a way of life.

well done on getting this far.xx


in this to win!..
Hiya susan, how are you on this fine morning?

I'm doing well today, still positive and got my heart set on getting through another day without fail.

It is a little strange though, i mean I'm looking forward to having my 4 packs today but i would like to ask, how do you initially deal with not having the sensation of eating solid food, a bit like giving up smoking and not having a fag to hold?

My girlfriend makes things worse bless her, she is eating my favorite foods!!
im not sure there is an easy way, to start with i think i was just on a naturel high from taking control and starting cd, i used to smell food a lot lol, i love to cook so i cook everything i like and enjoy watching them eat it, now as i said i just dont think about it.

you will get there and you will eat again when the time is right. i bet your gf is really proud of you, well done.

the weather her is beautiful at the mo so going to hang some washing out while its still sunny.

have a great day.xx

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