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Green Days Are there any other vegetarians who eat big?..


Its not even a pleasure to binge but controlling it is a lesson to learn...I mean 'come on linda, rice krispies, get a grip'..is what i said after the bowl i just ate. I think being unemployed has dented my confidence and make me eat more these last six weeks. I have to win this battle first, gain control..im not going to give up...
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Hiya L.i.n.d.a

I am a vegetarian who likes to eat lots :wavey:

SW has lots of creative, productive aspects that can hopefully give you a positive focus while you are between jobs. As you say, never give up. SW is a healthy eating plan. To give up would be to join an unhealthy eating plan and that would be just silly :D Best of luck with your weight loss.

Thanks for your post ~ I am so glad I'm not the only one *smile*

A couple of years ago I lost about 5.5 stone, through eating green ~ and eating to the max.... if it didn't need weighing.... I ate it *smile*. Then my head got into the wrong headspace and things went downhill.

I am now restarting SW ~ my first weigh in will be in the morning....and will do mainly, if not exclusively, green days. And if need be I will eat large OF THE FREE FOODS. I am a binge eater ~ hence me not being a pretty sight!~ But hope to use free food as a way to segway into a healthy way of eating without feel deprived (I AM depraved!!!!!!*grin*).

If ever you need any help or support ~ Just holler. I only bite food.....

Looking forward to getting to know you....

Judith & Pickle the wonder dog
Hi Linda Im not a veggie but I dont eat much meat (only 1 or 2 days a week) and I do like big portions. Im not working either at the moment but I think I've managed to use that to make SW work for me by using the time to make food more interesting. Instead of binging out of boredom and feeling low like I used to I've been using the time to plan my menu at least a week ahead and research new recipes, go and find food cheaper (food markets etc) and spending more time on actual cooking. I've kind of turned cooking into a project or my 'job' in a way.

Often when I think Im 'hungry' I get up and start making something for tea and before I know it 3 hours will have passed as I get so immersed in what I'm doing, and its only then I realise not a morsel has passed my lips and I also have a fab tea waiting.

Basically I find producing my meals is a way to distract me from actually eating! Anyway, there are plenty of Green/mainly Green out there who will happily have a chat if you get stuck, just give us a yell :) Good luck x
I eat as much as my OH who is 5' 11"... :rolleyes:


Hi silly sausage, judith, ermintrude and walter. Good to know you kind folk "get it"...my points. Thanks for sharing your stories and looking forward to sharing more..all the best x

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