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Are there going to be any changes to SW in the New Year?

Just wondered if anyone had heard anything? I know usually they like to do something different or make changes in the New Year but tbh I can't really see what they could do to make SW any better (unless they made chocolate and alcohol syn free of course! lol).

So, has anyone heard any rumours??

I see that WW seem to be leaning a little more towards a SW approach with their new Pro-points system, actually taking into account how filling something is as well as its nutritional value!

J x
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I havent heard anything either, I think SW are so happy with EE that they would be foolish to change it. At the moment they can smugly sit there going "ooh, Propoints? Isnt that a little bit like SW? We have been doing that for aaaaages".

From what I have heard from my C, SW seem to be currently welcoming a lot of unhappy WW defectors who are severely annoyed at having to effectively restart and buy all new equipment and materials in order to be on the new plan. Its fine I guess if you are new to the plan but if you have already spent out on books, calculators, etc then I guess you have a right to be annoyed.
My C was saying that someone he knows started WW last week, bought all the recipe books, calculators, points books etc, spent over £100 and WW sold it all to her knowing full well it was all changing in a few weeks time; how bad was that!
Oh dear, that is bad (good business skills but bad PR)
Lets try not to turn this into a WW/SW thread (it's heading that way!!!)

The only change I think SW could make is to remove some of the processed foods from the free foods list but I can't see that happening. And there was me not going to speculate. I'm not though, that's the only change I think they could make.
Oh I hope they don't Jaylou ..... although I do most of my cooking from scratch, sometimes its just sooo nice to be able to go to the cupboard and get something you can just 'ding'! lol

Like you say tho, there's not much they could change to make it any better!
I very much doubt they will, like I said, that's just my thoughts! I've heard no rumours, seen nothing and I think that last years superfree foods/snacking on superfree and the third superfree being "enforced" was such a big change to people.

There'll be a new food directory though - that much I do know!
I don't think SW would introduce any major changes, not so soon after such a new (and succesful plan).

I remember a few years ago (well, 8), that SW stopped all processed ready-meals being sin-free. My thoughts were, if it worked before, and the plan, or ready meal, hadn't changed, so there's no reason it should stop working - and it didn't. I think that's what you have to remember, that if it worked before, there's no reason you should change what you're doing just because what's written in a book has changed!
The thing is they make the changes for a reason, syn values of things do change, as the recipes of things change.
I know things like macaroni cheese and corned beef used to be free but I would never eat these things syn free now.
It is each to their own but I'm a bit of a rule follower when it comes to SW - sad I know but I trust their judgement!