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    Hi everyone,

    New to this, doing Primal with as much towards Paleo as I can.

    Found these crackers;

    Reishi Crackits - Raw Artisan Crackers 120g (Inspiral) - Buy Online.

    [h=2]Raw Artisan Almond Crackits with Onion, Pepper and Herbs[/h]
    • Crunchy crackers made with vegetables, seeds, nuts and spices.
    • Superfood snack high in omega oils, vitamins and minerals.
    • Wheat and dairy free.
    • Approximately 5 crackers per bag.
    [h=3]Fabulous Flavours[/h]Reishi Crackits are flavoured naturally with onion, pepper and herbs for a savoury taste. They also contain extract of reishi, which is a form of Japanese mushroom. Reishi is revered in Japan for its therapeutic properties. These crackers are raw, vegan, wheat-free and soy-free.
    [h=3]How They're Made[/h]These yummy crackers have been created with soaked almonds and seeds which are then slow dried. Soaking seeds and almonds triggers the germination process which in turn generates lots of vitamins and nutrients. Instead of cooking these crackers (which reduces the nutritional quality), Inspiral slowly dry them at low temperatures to retain much more of the nutritional profile within the raw ingredients.
    [h=2]Ingredients[/h]Almonds, sunflower seds, carrots, courgettes, onions, flax seeds, olive oil, chia seeds, garlic, himalayan salt, reishi, black pepper.

    Has anyone tried these? or know if they would be suitable?

    Thank you in advance.
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  3. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Genius! Thank you so much! :D

    Saved me £5.99 for 5 crackers !:eek:

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