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Are you heavier or havd you ever been heavier tjan your partner?

Pearl77 said:
Judge out of interest, I've always been heavier than my oh and it feels so wrong! I can't wait to weigh less than him!!!

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I was, at my heaviest. Am a good stone and half lighter than him now :) always felt wrong to be more than him x

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My OH is a racing snake, so I've always been bigger. Even after this I will probably be a little big bigger!
My oh goes for days without eating a lot then has a few days eating none stop! When I last lot weight with LL it was such an achievement to weigh less than him!! Can't wait to get there again!!!

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I started out LL about three stone heavier than my husband and am now about two stones lighter than him! Feels much better! :)
Yes, I'm 5ft 1 and started at 14st 5, he's 6ft 5 and 11st 11. I'm now 12st 12 so I'm getting there xx
Me me me!! I used to be heavier than him and now I'm the skinny one!! Well... when I say skinny... :rolleyes:

One alarming development though is that he can now pick me up!! I've been seriously obese all my life - a man has never been able to lift me before and now it keeps happening when I least expect it!! :eek:

Lol!!! Excellent!!! I remember the last time I lost weight my 10 year old, 7 at the time could pick me up, my husband used to but not any more!!! Not for long though!!

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I've always been far heavier! lol. Jealous of his waist -.-

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
LOL!! I was just saying to him the other day, how I really shouldn't be heavier than him!!

He's 11st, and I was 14st... So I was 3st heavier! I'm only 1/2 a stone heavier now though... hehe... So, catching up! ;)



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Nah. I'm save.
Mine was (and is) 6'4 and 250lbs of pure muscle.
Mind you. At my heaviest I was only 6lbs lighter than him. God how embarrassing!!!

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starting over
Me too, safe and getting safer. Mine's like a rhino, snort, snort.


One last chance
Been a bit random really because both mine and bf's weight has aways fluctuated between 12st 7lbs - 14st. Right now I'm lighter than him, I was heavier a while back but his weight is now stable :p

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Interesting thread Pearl. I don't think we've had that question since I've been on Minimins.
I'm 5'7" my OH is 6'2". At my heaviest I was 21.5 stone and his heaviest was probably 14 stone.
So yes - about 7.5 stone more at one point!!!! Now I'm quite a bit less. He's very proud and loves it. At least I know he loved me when I was fat. He'd never seen me slim until I did LL, except in photos from about 25 years ago.
He says it's like having an affair - but legal !! ;)


starting over
Yes you will Halebob :)
During LL the last time I was always torturing myself around food, always cooking and then watching the people I had cooked for in anticipation lol!!! This time I'm going to cook for my oh and try and fatten him up!!! He is like 10 and half stone!!! lol!! My plan from tomorrow is to fatten him up so I can weigh less than him quicker!

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