Are you Surfing? - Just a bit of fun

I’m surfing

Don’t you think this diet is like surfing? It’s a really attractive thing to do. You sit there on the beach watching the cool surfing dudes doing it, wishing it was you. You really admire the people out there surfing the waves. How can they do it? It must be SOOO hard. But look at them. They make it look so easy. They’re looking good and they are managing it…maybe You can too??

Ok I’ll try.

It’s really really really difficult in the beginning…I feel nervous about this…I don’t think I can do it. I feel wobbly. I feel like I’m going to fall off!! Oh my God…there’s a big wave coming… I might fall off…..Phew…I didn’t! I did it……Maybe I CAN do this…..Another wave. …Did it again. That was easier. I’m doing it!! I’m surfing! I feel really proud of myself.

CD IS hard at the beginning. You feel at the beginning that you can’t do it….slowly as time goes on…it gets easier. You become more confident and overcome the times that you find it hard and ride the waves. You may even hit a huge wave and fall off at times…but the best thing to do it to get right back on and keep going. You will find the next wave just a bit easier but it is still hard. You WILL get there in the end. It needs perseverance and determination. But it’s worth it…Once you’re surfing you feel on top of the world and feel like you can achieve anything…and you will!

I hope you’re all surfing!

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The Diet Guy
Oooh good analogy! And spot on.



Full Member
That was really enjoyable, it is just how it is. Hopefully i will be a fast learner and not hit many waves. Just incase i have my water wings at the ready lol x


Back again!
What a fantastic post. I never thought I could surf at all, and now here I am conquered it and am helping others to do the same.

Keep on surfing guys - or as they say (I think???) Hang Ten - gee I'm so cool :p
lol...I can actually visualise us all down the beach with our surfboards!


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S: 18st3lb
Hi T,

That is a fantastic post and a very goo description of what it is like...:D

Well done :) :) :)

Love Mini xxx