Arggghhh I want to start now - oh and a few questions...


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Hi there :)

Hope you are all well and shrinking fast!

I'm Chika, I used to do CD and I've decided to give a vcld one last try... I need to wait until the end of the months to order my supplies and itching to start... Do you recommend that I buy the bumper pack to start off with, it seems like such a bargain!

My question is that because I'm 5'11" tall I used to have four packs a day on CD. Do I need to do that with Exante?

Also has anyone used avidlite meal replacements? I thought i could get a couple of weeks supply from there until I get paid. Is it any good?

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Just keep ticking over like me, maybe start to eliminate certain things from your current diet in preparation. I've just finished my last glass of wine so now I've dropped alcohol and I'm including sweets/candy, crisps and biscuits. I'm hanging on to bread, cakes and chocolates for the time being. I think I'll lose chocolate next weekend!


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The bumper pack is great value.

You only have 3 packs regardless of height/sex etc


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Hiya, am 5`10" and I have 3 packs, av been fine. Starlight is right the bumperpack is gr8 for the price, good luck hun :)


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Well done on your determination! I asked a similar question a little while ago and the advice was to up water intake and reduce carbs. It's well worth doing, I've lost 4.5lbs doing that before starting!

I've gone for the bumper pack, it seems fab value.

I wish I was as tall as you, I've always wanted to be taller than 5'7"!

Good luck :)


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Hi Chika. I'm a newbie too. I brought the bumper pack as it gave me a chance to try everything and decide what I like and what I dont. Next month I'll probably just order shakes. The bumper pack is probably the cheapest and easiest way to start out.


Wants to do this!
Chika another things that I've just started is eating at mealtimes only. I've set my meal times as 10am, 2pm & 6pm and not eating nothing in-between. I'm finding that difficult but I think that is part of my battle as I like to pick. Once I've done my bit with exante i'll attempt to keep those meal times