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Argh!! Day two long term problems

Oh no! It's only day two and already I'm having problems!!

I'm amazed that for the two days I've drank all the water (I normally only drink 1glass of drink a day usually)

But, I'm so unbelievably tempted by food...It's not even that I'm hungry but it's just...there!

I've just gone home from uni and I had porridge while family had KFC >_< (I don't even like KFC) and I lasted the meal, only to go and grab a biscuit two minutes later o_O

I'm desparate to lose the weight - why am I messing up so early?? Anyone have any ideas how I can survive SS (I don't really want to move up the plans if possible) If I don't sort this out I'll never lose the weight :'(

How big is the difference in losses between SS and SS+? SS+ with 3+a meal might be good if the weight loss is about what I want *worried*

Miss J
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i have been doing ss for 12 weeks and did add a meal last week,
i cant really say it get easy because it only as easy as you want it to be, i no that sound hard but try not to think of it as a way you cant have some thing you can have it but you choose not to for a bit i have played on the games on here to take my mind of it have you tryed that?
i hope you carrie on
good luck maria xx
I don't know what the problem is tbh. Before, my mum was paying for W8 and I didn't stick too good, so I thought maybe if I payed it would make me more likely to. I've written notes to myself, leave the 3 shakes out ready each day, make up 2ltrs of the fruit water in a big bottle so I can see it go down, I don't keep any food in the house then the moment I go to my mum's house I lose all willpower and energy *sulks*

Oh well, I think I just need a kick up the butt tbh, I'll get into it by the end of this week for definate! Once Week 1 is over and done with I think I'll find it alot easier. I think that as Wk 1 is also totm, I'm having a pants time anyway (I have PCOS too so its kinda blargh anyway) but it means next week should be a good loss :) which will hopefully keep me motivated into atleast Wk3 :)

Thanks for the reply...I've just got to convince the rest of me that I CHOOSE not to eat, not that I'm being forced to by some higher power :)

Serena A

Can't think of a title

I originally joined a CD group that they run in our area and they put us all on SS+, everyone who stuck to it lost between 3-4 stone in the 12 weeks that the group ran.

Officially SS is 14lb a month and SS+ around 12-14lb.

Stick with it hun xx


Peggy McParrot
Hi Miss jelly
i'm on ss+, I find it easier to know i can have an evening meal,, CD is great but with any diet its still needs willpower and loads and loads of water, stay strong and try to join a team, i have found that has helped me tremendously. good luck
How do you manage all the water? In most things I normally have a tonne of willpower with some to spare...:D I will stick with it, it just seems to be tough getting into it..

I was sposed to go to stay with someone over the Valentines weekend "if I'd reached XXlbs" and I think part of me doens't want to go so is making the diet difficult so I have an excuse not to go...

Thanks for the replies though, so it seems SS+ is almost the same losses as SS on its own...:D I may try that if I can't stick for 3 weeks SS on its own.. :)


Peggy McParrot
Rememner you can chop and change between ss and ss+, some days i do 3 shakes, others 4, and then for the past 2 nights i've had a stir fry.... depends how i feel..... my weight loss seems to be the same as my other team mates and as for the water thing i use a 3/4 litre bottle and drink it over an hour(saves all the trips to the loo) 1 wiv brekkie 1 wiv lunch 1 wiv tea and 1 in the evening plus i still drink tea and coffee...... first 2 weeks i lived in the toilet lol i do find if i don't drink i feel like picking
I guess I'm just going to have to drink more water, I'm gonna aim for 3ltrs :D What are the CD flavours like? I've just used up the last of my W8 water flavour :)

I didn't realise you could chop and change during the week!!! That would probably be really good... SS Monday to Friday at uni then SS+meal Saturday and Sunday at home. Would that be possible? Think I might have to talk to CDC at WI next week :)

Thanks :)


Peggy McParrot
read some of the other thread re AAM week or 790.... and yes you can chop it around both ss and ss+ are VLCD, i've not tried the flavourings yet, but the mix a mousse is nice so are the bars, some days it just helps me get through if i know i can eat something ,albiet a small meal, but anything more than that and i think i'd be too full,,,,,,,,would never of said that a month ago lol
stick with it be strict then at your weigh in when you see the results it should motivate you stick at it always have a glass of water and as soon as its empty fill it up again and try to empty as many as you can in a day its a bit of a mind game but takes the thought of drinking away
Thanks noddy, I think I'm gonna get a sports bottle and keep it filled all day to take to uni with me.

I'm currently distracting myself from ice-cream by blogging...I never thought I had anything to type about untill I noticed how much time I spent on here :p
Oops, missed your post biltsy...Will have a look at the AAM threads and might do each week half and half :D Is the mousse nice or really powdery? I can't have bars yet I don't think...I'm going to in week three and cut them up throughout the day as "snacks" :)

*WILL do this this time*
Hi Miss Jelly It is hard with the water, but i a\m up to 8 litres or so a day. I can down a litre in about 60 seconds. It s not affecting my bladder anymore, going about once every 45 minutes which is no more than anyone else i work with. Keep glugging and the weight wil:rolleyes:l fall off.
hey missjelly, im exactly like you but im very weak ive lost count of the amount of times ive fell off the wagon and gave in as soon as the thought of food enters my mind i give in although ive cheated alot ive still had reasonable losses but i could have prob been at the 2 stone mark by now if i didny cheat so much, there is days that i get really hungry and instead of going into the cupboard ill do some cleaning or play a game and by the time ive done it the craving has passed, i try to avoid the tv like the plague cos its my trigger for lapsing. what im trying to say is dont worry or panic keep yourself busy and put the hifi on and do some dancing wi the hoover (thats what i do lol) hope this helps, we can do this.
mel xxx
bloody hell sammylammy how can you manage aw that water there is no way i could do that but im a bus driver i could go to the loo just before getting on my bus then a mile down the road am absolutely bursting and sometimes i have nae choice but to hold it for a few hours which is extremely uncomfy especially when your bouncing up n down cos of all the pot holes, i can only just manage to drink the bare minimum allowed but normally i wait till im finished work before i drink loads only downfall is im at the loo maybe twice through the night aaargh its so annoying lol xxx


Peggy McParrot
Oops, missed your post biltsy...Will have a look at the AAM threads and might do each week half and half :D Is the mousse nice or really powdery? I can't have bars yet I don't think...I'm going to in week three and cut them up throughout the day as "snacks" :)

*WILL do this this time*
hi jelly, no the mousse is nice, but have only managed to make it properly twice(lol :8855: me crap at this) and no not powdery at all......haven't got the hang of how much water yet!!!!! but getting there..... really nice, i've only tried one bar, cranberry, was nice, but i have a real sweet tooth, so trying to avoid them and only buying one when i go to the pictures...instead of popcorn i have a bar....works for me...:8855:
I have only two classes each day, but they're 10til1 and 2til5 so there's a long time between breaks and I hate keep popping to the girls room in class :p That goes after the 1st week though if I remember right? Think I might try the mouse in the evenings :)

So far I've just managed a 2ltr bottle each day + 2 glasses of water each day :( *will try harder*


Peggy McParrot
yes the visits to the loo do get better, our bodies just must get used to it.......

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