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argh! woke up with serious cravings


a new way of living!
morning, night, whatever, its too early to be craving ***** ****** cant even type it in!

would make all of you crave it i am sure.

well firstly i had a dream of ** above, at 4.30am... got up for a pee, got back in to bed, and rumble rumble rumble my tummy went!

so i came on here to distract myself :)

I am back at work today too, working morning, then a night shift, night shift tomorrow, split shifts mon and tue and nights wed, thurs, fri... hope i can cope ok.

whizzng around old biddies houses getting them up, putting them to bed, being offered tea and ** something nice! at almost every house. (I support in own home)

perhaps if i keep thinking of commodes it will put me off eating??

sorry just up early and needed a rant.

oooh to have *** something nice!

time for coffee mocha now.

speak to you all later

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resist that temptation hun dont do it the results of sticking to LT are far more rewarding than eating right now
have a good day x


a new way of living!
thanks, i know you are right...

just came in from my am shift and OH sang to me...

"nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!"

I told him to fox trot oscar if you get my drift!

argh... hungry and hit energy brick wall.

i must resist i must resist
commode commode commode...
Hi, hope you managed to get through the day without succumbing.

Be strong and think of your next WI.

Good luck.



a new way of living!
thanks, yes i have resisted so far, but still have a night shift to do, but i only have to make tea so i can have it black (yak!) determined to be good today! i have cheated every day so far!! (cheese, chicken, beef - all carb free but still cheating! today will be first good day - determined to make it!)

rainbow brite

:whoopass: Bad girl! Carb-free cheating is still cheating and will affect your WI. :whoopass:

I understand it's tough when you're working but you seriously need to toughen yourself up hun and say no to the food.

Anyway, to my point - you don't like black tea. Perfectly understandable. I didn't like black coffee... until twenty minutes ago! lol I tried it with three (lol) sweeteners and found it perfectly palatable so maybe in a few days/weeks you'll find you're able to drink the tea easily. Also, have you tried peppermint tea? Hated it at first but have grown to like it now :)

Just keep your chin up and keep thinking of those WIs!! :scale:


a new way of living!
very true! i know i can do better.
well just got used to black coffee with a sweetner. if i make it weak. used to like peppermint, but sick of it now, maybe i will change to nettle tea, its a leaf too.
all day when i have wanted to cheat i have been thinking of commodes! disgusting i know but it works! when i first started work as a carer all i could smell for about 2 weeks was commode!

i know, i'm gross ;)

rainbow brite

Lol! Yuk!!

I was forced to try peppermint and nettle tea the other day and it was actually quite nice (despite my very vocal protestations! hehe) Quite lemon-y without containing any lemon! :)


Full Member
Arr come on!! Even though i had the incident with the crusty bread yesterday I have got straight back on it and worked even harder in the gym to prevent them lil pounds creeping back on.

You need to forget about the past and move on even if you have cheated everyday. And even if you do cheat DONT write that day off and carry on cheating stop there and get back to where you want to be!!!

One thing I have learnt about myself is I cant keep sayin am guna go on a diet on monday............I need to start it there and then and start as i mean to go on :)

I take it your a care worker/nurse?? I have been nursing since i was 20 and i know it can be the worst job to avoid food but you just have to be strong, ignore your urges and go for it.

Just think about your bikini body your guna have......I know I am :)


a new way of living!
i know its just so hard when the OH is cooking fresh meat, i was so hungry this morning, (craving bacon!) i could have killed a pig myself!! (poor piggy babe ;))

but i have resisted :D triumph! determined to get through the day food free :)

yes i am a care worker, i go round old biddies homes so they dont have to go into a care home. we provide full care (personal & incontinence) or just make meals and a cuppa. i love it, but its hard seeing good old fashioned food everywhere.

I will resist!


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