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Argh. :-(

After being AWOL from the plan for 8 months, having gained all the weight i lost when i was first on plan this time last year, i'm 5 days into my first week back and i should be feeling confindent but i'm not...
I'm having good 100% days, eating mostly free foods, HE's and between 5 and 10 syns and exercising, no hidden snacking of anything! but i dunno.. it's trying to get myself back into the mentality i don't need to be hungry all the time to lose weight...

I hope after WI on Wednesday and i'll hopefully see a loss all my fears will dissapear. I lost 3 stone last time i was on plan so i know it can work for me, but i'm still feeling a bit.. off?

I don't know if it's just me being stupid but i'm under the thinking of, i tried last time and failed and have wasted another year of being fat, so i'm a little lacking on the confidence this time around...

Sorry for moaning, just needed to get it out...

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Hey there and welcome back

You moan all you like... are you really wanting to do this as you don't really sound prepared although you are doing it right.

Who said you failed last time? You didn't fail you have put the weight back on you say but you didn't fail.

As for being fat.. a word I really don't like... you have to give yourself time to get back into it and not beat yourself up. We all understand what you are saying of course.. and all here to give you support.

But remember ... you have lost it all before so you can do it again.... good luck
Oh believe me i do want this...
Basically last time i had a bad weekend, then some worse news, then things just spiralled and i ended up at the bottom of a Domino's pizza box most evenings...

But i am not going down without a fight lol.

I think it's just first week anxiety.. i remember feeling like this the first week last time, the 'is it working, i can't feel it' blah blah..
And last time, even though i lost a bit, i never saw a difference and sadly i'm not the most patient of people...

I know it sounds all pathetic but i just feel a bit down atm... xxx
what a shame to loose all that weight just to put it all back on.........welcome back and its take a few weeks to get into the swing of the eatin plan................you just need to get ya mojo back, u know u can do......cos u had a great weight lose so don't beat yaself up........we all have times where u just can't get into the right frame of mind to lose weight................good luck girl u can do it...you've done the biggest step and come on here............
Aww don't be down about it... there is nothing I would like more than to wake in the morning and find I have left it all behind in the bed...

As I have said anything that is worth waiting for will be worth waiting for and yes it may be a while before you notice it... but don't set yourself large goals....

I tend to keep to little ones and feel better when I have done them... little steps.

You just wait till you do see a difference... how elated that is going to make you feel.

You are a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for... your not alone :)
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((( ))) i've been there myself
u can do it hun just need to stick to group when things get bad and let your consultant help u no matter how bad u go off track. but this may of been good for u u know what its like to put it all back on so u know what happens if u go off plan so hopefully that thought will keep u to plan.
the other thing is yes u put it back on and i know that makes u feel bad but imagine if u had never lost that weight now add what u have put back on to what u was before u join sw first time thats what u would be if u never join sw
u can do it hun and everyone will support u hun
Thanks for all your support, i've woken up this morning feeling a bit better...
I know i'll feel fine after Wednesday when i see a loss. (and i WILL see a loss.) lol.. xx

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