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Arghh I want a cake


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Take a dog for a walk. If you don't have one, borrow or steal one! (But don't steal mine please) :D
Take the dog to what? steal a scone for you?
I have my first MiM, a chocolate one. It's pretty disgusting, awful bitter aftertaste to it. The dog probably wouldn't eat it either. Damn fake cake.
Bleurgh, I really think I'm going to puke which on the plus side means I have no desire to eat a scone anymore.
You could get one of those joke dog leads you get from the seaside and pretend you have an invisible dog? Peter Kay style? Lol!
Sam x
Not tried a min yet. Must get some flax soon. :D

Hope you tummy settles down.

What about pancakes, works for my cake moments.

3 oz cream cheese softened
2 eggs
1tsp cinnamon
2 sweetners
blend all so no lumps
fry low for about 2 minutes
flip and cook for 1 minute

Nice warm with butter, or cold with jelly and cream.


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Or cheesecake - my cheat's cheesecake is somewhere on the recipes thread
yeah i made a kinda cheesecake mixture last nt, some whipped cream and mixed in some cream cheese and some splenda, mixed all up well! was really tasty, just hit the spot as i was looking something tasty! xx
i made the pancakes with a little bit of cocoa powder on pancake day - they were a different texture to normal pancakes but still nice! plus stopped me cheating when everyone else was having normal pancakes.
Oh I've never tried the pancakes, whats the texture like? They tasty??xx
The texture is quite pancaky if you keep them small and thick LOL.

They taste better to me if I add a bit extra cinnamon and sugar for sweet and herbs salt and pepper for savory.

Makes a big difference to me for craving tho.
The first time I tried to cook these I forgot to put the eggs in... cream cheese in a frying pan = flames! Lots of them! LOL. It died down once I moved it off the hob though. So don't forget to use eggs! Haha.
I'm so good at cooking even the smoke alarms cheer me on!


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I know this doesnt help, but I quite fancy a scone now too... I wonder if its possible to make scones with almond or coconut flour... I shall ponder this thought tomorrow.
The LCM sell packs of bake your own lemon muffins. Has anyone tried them? I bought a pack for when eating cake was unavoidable and they are 4g per muffin. Haven't made any yet :) x

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