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Arghhh, Contraception...

I had a baby 8 weeks ago and tomorrow is my check up with the Dr.. He is going to talk with me about contraception, I used to be on depo vera, which is when my weight started going on, along with me being a piggy...

Is there anything you ladies could recommend? Thanks.
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I went back on the pill when my LO was 6 weeks, 2 weeks later I gave up as I was too tired to remember to take it lol. 1.5yrs later I've still not got round to getting back on it lol, so i'd be interested in peoples suggestions too. Congrats to you btw xxx
I've been on the same pill since I was 15, its a more herbal one but apparantly costs a little more money...so Dr's dont tend to offer it that readily.....Cilest. With me the minute we decided on having a baby though, had one period and then fell pregnant!
i was on the injection for 2 and a half years, and it was fabtastic.. but was taken off of it, as she said due to my age i should try the pill instead..

but we have decided to just use condoms and be extra careful, to give my body a break

I have had the implant in for just over 2 years, but i am having it taking out asap as it causes me to have irrigular bleeding and other probs (but for some it don't like my best friend, she loves it).. Then i am going to just use condoms cus my OH don't mind them! RIbbed condoms if they give them out in the family planning!! lol

I know everything is different for everyone... I just don't want it to effect my weight loss in any way. I have been to the Drs, and he mentioned haveing a coil fitted... IDK..
I've been on the pill on and off for ages but hated having to go to get a repeat prescription every 3 or 6 months - i'm too busy for that! So 2 months ago I got the implant, all going well so far. No funny side effects for me and it lasts 3 years unless you take it out. Bonus!


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I was on the pill for years. It's great for keeping you regular and for me it helped with cramps and mood swings. I didn't have a problem with weight gain with mine, but I don't like the idea of messing about with my hormones long term.

We've been using condoms now for just over a year. The OH doesn't mind using them and I think it's much safer, especially after having a baby when your hormones are all over the place anyway.
I wouldn't suggest the coil. I was offered it recently after not getting along with a new type of pill on the market or the implant.

My friend works in medical law and says she has case after case of complaints about the Mirena, so she has had to contact a lot of top doctors to get their views on it, and although they advertise it as 'no periods' the doctors have told her in most cases there will be 6 months of irregular/constant bleeding after insertion.

No thank YOU! That's what I had on Cerazette, I was on it for 21 weeks and had 16 weeks of bleeding! Now I'm on femodene and I love it!
Was on microgynon for 15 years until a month ago when due to my weight and smoking/family history was told I had to change despite my insistance that I didn't want to, as heard lots of horror stories. Have been put on Cerazette - has a non stop period for 3 weeks, my libido has crashed through the floor and hubby says I'm more moody and snappy. - Going back to Dr to ask to be changed but I think this is the start of nightmares - why couldn't they just leave it alone!
I am going for the coil (mirena) I have heard so many good things about it, they far out weigh the cons. If it doesnt get on with me I will have it removed. I'm not going on the pill ever again, I have a 14 yr old to prove for me it didnt work, it made me spotty and horrible.
My mum had the coil, she hated it, it was nasty for her! But that is not the case for everyone.. Have a good think about all your options.. Could you trust yourself to use condoms for now? I am lucky with my OH he has a low drive, and he doesnt mind using condoms and i will be using them as soon as i have this implant out... :)
I've been on the same pill since I was 15, its a more herbal one but apparantly costs a little more money...so Dr's dont tend to offer it that readily.....Cilest. With me the minute we decided on having a baby though, had one period and then fell pregnant!
Pills are very personal things, you cannot be 'reccomended' them.

For example, Cilest. Cilest, Mrs V has been on since she is 15 and thinks it's great. I was on Cilest for a month and it was the most miserable month, moody, lost my sex drive, headaches.

Also in my Local Health Authority gave it to me after microgynon (the one they tend to give out first) so they must have a different policy on that as well!

Too much oestrogen in it, so moved to Mercilon which is great, but won't have enough oestrogen for others.


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I used to be on Femodene and it worked great. It suited me down to the ground. But then about 10 years ago there was a scare regarding certain pills causing DVT's and I was taken off of it. I was put on microgynon (sp) and it was ok. It gave me some weight gain but not a lot. What did bother me though was that I kept bleeding in the middle of my cycle. Doctor told me it probably wasn't strong enough for me and prescribed me Femodene again (this was a different Dr to the one who took me off of it). I was taking Femodene till lst year and we've been on condoms ever since. My periods have gotten a lot heavier (and I mean a LOT heavier), I get some serious cramping and mood swings now. But we want to start trying for a baby soon and I want to make sure that I have all of the pill out of my system first.


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Becky, I had the Mirena coil for years and for me it was the best thing ever, yes for the first couple months you get very light spotting but after that no periods no problem, you have to have it renewed every 5 years I think because the hormones wear off . If you are not planning anymore children for a while then this is a good idea, talk it over with Dr . Hope you get sorted before you get caught, lol


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I came off the pill after trying many different types and after being on the depo vera for 3 years. It took my body a year to get back to normal. Personally for me, nothing agrees so I use condoms. Like others, my OH is brilliant and doesnt mind and the other plus is that it is far less messy!!!!! FANTASTIC!! :) :) lol
well i have crohns and used to be on the injection as we were unsure if the pil would be absorbed into my body cos of the crohns, i was taken off this becuase of a scare in my bone density and have the implant, now have had my second one and no probs but it really is a personal choice.

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