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arghhh why did i weigh myself


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my mum packed up smoking and as piled on weight and she wanted see how much she's gained
so at tesco she went on tha machine that weighs you... i had a go says im 13st 4.5 thats 2.5 more than last week... i feel as though ive lost! i fit in clothes better etc any chance it could be wrong? from your experiences?
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Wee Doll

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they are prob wrong just stick to the scales at your class they will always weigh you correctly :D

i will be expecting a gain this week :( i was uber bold yesterday at my OH's parents house it was his dads birthday and i had a half a thin base pizza :S but i did not et chips i made everyone sw wedges and salad and i ate mostly that and only half the 10 inch pizza

but still i was bold :( lol


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do you always get weighed on them scales hunxx
The only scales i will EVER weigh on, outside of class is Boots!

Dont panic, and DONT let it knock your confidence.. wait till weigh in. If you'v been good, and you hand on heart arnt expecting a gain this week for any reason.. then i think you'l be fine. Granted, somtimes our body do odd things, but don't worry.. i don't think you'v anything to worry about xox


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no ive not weighed myself other than at group since joining... but my mum went on them and they was staring at me and it was just hard not to have a go lol


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totally!!! i weighed myself on four different sets of scales a few weeks ago, on the same day, within an hour of each other without eatnig or drinking anything inbetween. EVERY SINGLE ONE was different!! some were more, some were less (some by a whopping 10lbs!!) so honestly don't even think about it! if you've followed the plan this week you'll lose, don't worry! when's weigh day?


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weigh in is 2moro night 5pm.... rubish time by weigh in had all my main meals at snacks lol


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that's ok, as long as it's the same every week it won't make a different! good luck, i bet you'll be pleasently surprised!
I know the feeling! I weigh in on a Monday evening which is rubbish!! I would much prefer to weigh in at end of week in the morning but can't due to childcare issues :(

Mrs V

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I weigh on a Tuesday evening at 5.30. I find that if I have stopped eating at around 3 and drinking Im fine until I weigh. I then have an apple until I get home and make tea for me and little one.
i weigh in tuesdays 7.30, A day later in the week would be better...lol, I ate dinner last week before i went, im sure it made me heavier...lol, wont do that again!ha


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I weigh in Tuesday 7pm.

I like early in the week - keeps me on the straight and narrow over the weekend ... If I weighed on Friday, there is a good chance that I would go off the plan all weekend then struggle all week to get back where I had been.


Onwards and downwards!
The scales at class always read about 1.5lbs different to my scales at home. :)


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making me feel better fingers crossed there 10lb wrong lol... okay maybe a little less lol


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my home scales weigh between 2 and 3.5 less than those at class, so I dont rely on them. I'm sure you'll be fine hon

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