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......I'm stuck! Let me explain, My weight doesn't seem to be moving & its driving me mad:eek: Drank loads of water last night at work....about 8 litres over 3-4 hours, i was extremely thirsty, never been that thirsty before:eek: . The thing is i hardly wee'd at all. I had a dull ache in my back & felt really bloated, i spoke to the HO, when he came on the ward to see one of our patients (house officer, on call doc) early hours this morning & he said i sounded like i had water retention and had probably over done the water:tear_drop: :tear_drop: drinking too much in a such a short period of time. He gave me a low dose water pill to help but it hasn't. It's unusual to take a water pill and still hardly wee at all (certainly not pee'd out no where near as much as i've drank), back ache has eased now but extremely bloated i look like i'm pregnant...:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: And to top it all my TOTM is due any day now......

So you she i'm stuck, the weight is not moving & the scales are not gonna look good tomorrow!!!! I'm getting measured tomorrow aswel & with this bloating thats's now gonna show much inche lost this time....Arghhhh......

Really fed up now & feeling quite deflated about the whole thing, sorry to rabbit on but i just need to get it off my chest. I was looking forward to getting weighed tomorrow but now i'm not!!!!:cry: :cry: :cry:

:thankyou: inadvance.....xxx
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i love minimins me :)
hun at my totm i always retain a lot of water and feel very very bloated

not sure what i can suggest except u no u aint cheated and the water is gonna have to come out some time haha


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Thanx girls, Just spoke to my CDC (she's lovely so supportive) about this she has advised me to drink black coffee as they may help shift the water retention (black coffe being a directic). I know 8 litres is a crazy & an excessive amount but i don't no why i was so thirsty. I'm still quite thirsty but been advise to sip water for today as i need to pass this water through my system....

Can't believe the state i've got myself in, a stupid thing to overload my system like that...:doh: xxxx


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what a strange bunny you are not to pee on a water tablet! what oen did he give you?

hopefully the coffee will help.


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Hey Mandi - even if the scales and tape measure arnt good to you THIS week with the bloating and retention -- imagine how you feel the time AFTER when its a bigger weight and inch loss when your body has returned to normal xx


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Hope you are feeling better and the bloating goes before weigh in - if not you'll have a fantastic weigh in the week after. It could be TOTM and CD can play havoc with periods and hormones.

Don't feel disillusioned - you've done soooo well.

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