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Arrghh Weekends!!


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My only tip is what you've already identified you need to do and thats forward plan! x
I agree weekends are so hard. I have green all week and a red day on the weekend so it feels like a treat. My downfall is alcohol at the weekend it's sooo easy just to have one more drink!


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Know exactly how you feel - Im just the same!! It doesn't help when you get the 2nd glass of wine munchies either ;-)

When Iv managed to do SW well before its always when Iv been at home, no visitors to tempt me, either stayed off the alcohol or made sure that its only a spirit & diet mixer - NO WINE! For going out for dinner, stick to steak & salad and take the car so that your not even tempted to have a sneaky glass (or two) of vino. If you have visitors ask them not to bring anything with them - last thing you need is trying to resist chocolates, Sensations etc. Red days are fab for visitors too as you can still do the big fry up in the morning if like that kind of thing.

Other than that, just try to be as super duper as you can during the week to save up some syns for the weekend - and if you know that you just wont be able to manage to stick to your allowance try a Flexible Syns day.

Have fun!




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Planning is definately the key here. You have already identified where you fall down so all you have to do is plan ahead. Maybe just planning to do something else at the times you normally eat the stuff you shouldn't


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My problem is mainly the weekends too. Your bored, so you want to eat.. I normaly find things to keep myself busy and when i want something to eat i normally just munch on fruit.


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what is a flexible syn day??

L x
It's in the newer of the SW books (think in the past 2 years?). If you know that you have something big coming up, a wedding or a party for example, and you will definately need more than your syns allowance, you set yourself a new allowance, say 50 syns for that day/event and then you stick to it. You probably wont lose that week but its based on the psychological feeling of still being in control and your less likely to completely stuff it for the rest of the week or give up completely.

From the website :

"if extra Syns are needed for a special occasion, that's OK too.
Flexible Syns are another way in which slimmers are put in control of their weight loss campaign. Flexible Syns empower slimmers to accept that the occasional over-indulgence doesn’t mean that they have failed. It gives them flexibility for those times when they need more than their usual Syn allowance, providing a great psychological advantage. So long as they keep counting, Flexible Syns enable slimmers to stay aware and in control and an extra fifty or a hundred Syns one day is an awful lot less damaging than what happens when they stop counting altogether."


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