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In 2005 I lost 7.5 stones on LL and CD, took a year off due to family ill health, including my own, and gained very nearly 2 stones, restarted LL in the New Year (for the third time) and decided I just couldn't do it am now on WW.

My first target is 13.02 which is what I was when I stopped LL in 2005...I have a truly expensive pair of designer sunglasses waiting to be bought when I do reach this goal!

I started WW on Wednesday and weighed in as 14.9 and am far too nervous to get on the scales until Wednesday in case I've gained after being on LL.

Am getting more control over my points (22) and didn't realise I had bonus points for exercising, so got an additional 2.5 yesterday for doing a 2 mile walk, but need these as I'm trying to save 10 points for 2 fairy cakes on my daughters birthday next Friday!

I'm on day 3 and am getting better; had 1 shredded wheat with sugar and 1 with Canderel spoonful and have decided I could manage the Canderel from now on, so saved myself 1 point already :)

My body isn't quite sure how to cope with fresh fruit and veg since LL and is trying to get rid of the food as fast as I'm putting it in, but I'm assuming this is just my body panicking and hopefully it will all calm down soon.

I'm trying to decide if I can get fit for a half marathon this year and then do a full marathon next year, probably the Moonwalk, which is hysterical as I absolutely hate walking, but I love trekking and i think if I do it for a goal rather than to lose calories it may be different...lets see if I change my mind in a week or so.

I've just made a WW soup from scratch but think it must be far easier and probably cheaper just to buy a tin!

Had a chicken lasagne last night which was delish so am hopeful on the ready meals when I don't have time to cook.

Have enjoyed a humous roll and salad today and steak is on the menu for tonight... assuming my poor baby goes to sleep tonight when planned as she's not well and last night was spent at the hospital.

Fingers crossed that I get through the weekend all right as I'm on my own with my daughter, and when she's not well, the food normally calls...have a stack of WW toffee bars though so hopefully they'll see me through.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Hi Joe,

So sorry to hear that your daughter is not well and I know what you mean too well using food to cope emotionally as this is what I do time and again.

My own sister is not well and I found myself once again turning to food in order to cope with my own feelings about what she is going through and has to go through next week and I think last week when I seen I had shot up to 13st. 13lbs. !!! Made me seen what I am doing to myself as this is not in anyway helping my sister and at the end of the day only adding to my own problems.

You have done so well both on Lighter Life and Cambridge Diet and I know you will do well on Weight Watchers as you have the discipline.

Doing a food diary on Weight Watchers is very good as it does help with counting your points and keeping track of them.

Sending prayers and hugs that your daughter will be well again soon and that you do well yourself on WW.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini, I'm sorry to hear about your sister, January just isn't a good time for health at the moment. I think the main thing is to acknowledge what you are doing, which you have already done, and then it is easier to curb it...last year when my mum was hospitalised I didn't actually realise that I was eating my feelings until it was too late...this time I'm aware of what I'm doing and am trying to head it off by eating sugary foods that are within the points...although the faff of trying to figure out the points when I don't have the 'big' book is a pain with the situation I'm in with my daughter, but we'll get there. Shes playing with her daddy at the moment, which is great, but no she's done this the last few days, happy one minute, roaring temperature the hoping the antibiotics and calpol etc will kick in...aided by a few prayers :)

Thank you x
Faith is on the mend today which enabled me and hubbie to go for a long walk today; timed it in the car as exactly 3 mile round trip, so gained 2.5 points which is greatly needed as I need to save an extra 5 points for Faiths birthday next Friday :)

Am still having a dicky tummy but am putting that down to my body getting used to having fruit and veg.

I am not drinking any water at all, obviously feeling rebelious after LL but do hope to break this starting Monday, maybe starting with some sparkling WW drinks first...I'm assuming they are still classed as water?

Have had what seems like a massive meal this evening, M&S jambolaya with a dubious I can eat this much without gaining, but will stay faithful until Wednesdays weighin...or maybe I shoudl say hopeful, as if I can lose weight eating these foods then I'll be very happy, I'm trying to rosta in chocolate though, did get some Minstrels in yesterday and a glass of wine...was going to cook the steak in it and decided against it :)

I don't have a proper points book yet, didn't realise I was suposed to buy the starter pack, so if anyone knows what ready brek is (dry weight) that woudl be fab.

I also went to the spa today and did a 1.5hr yoga and relaxation class which was a first and was fantastic after doing such a long walk (long for me at any rate) and came out of there as if I'd never exercised in my life, all floaty, yum...definitely going to try to slot that into my new lifestyle change.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday - Joe
Can't wait until Wednesday

Hi Joe,

I've eventually found you! To be honest I haven't been on here much over the last few days with the hen night etc, but I'm back on SS today and so I need it!! I trust that I can mention SS on the WW pages, I guess it's not like the opposite - people mentioning food when you are trying to SS. Anyways, I'm now subscribed, so I can keep up to date with you. I got your email the other day and will reply to it when I can.

I am so glad that you are really embracing the whole WW thing. I love it to be honest - are you using any of the on line resources pages? You can update a food diary on line and there are loads of recipes etc and you can keep a log of loads of fave foods that you use all of the time, so that it gets easier as you go along and less faffing - plus they have a huge database to start with, so you can do a quick search and fingers crossed they will have it. It costs a bit extra, but I love anything that keeps me motivated, but if you are a member I think that you get it cheaper. Also they have quite a good chatroom on there as well, but they are not as good as minimins (in my opinion).

I am so a horrid rash that you can read about on my diary - you might be able to help actually, you are very into alternative medicine aren't you?

Can't wait to see how you do. Remember the first week that if you went from SS weight (i.e. empty) to WW where you are allowed to have a carb store and more waste products in system, so you might not get a huge loss, so do not get dis-heartened, you'll soon see it working and I think it will suit you, just stay within your points and you'll be soon getting near your targets.

I have actually gained 1 pound, can you believe that!

I stuffed my face for 3 weeks of Christmas and agained 20 pounds...on Monday 8th I did one day of LL, came off Tuesday morning and ate healthily, joined WW on Wednesday morning...and have gained 1 pound.

Opps, baby shouting for me, will finish in a bit! Joe
You've done LL before haven't you? The one day you did of it on Monday might have made your body remember what you did last time - and when you started eating on Tuesday it probably thought "Quick, store the food before she starves herself again!". Give it another week, your body needs a chance to realise that you're not going to go on LL again.

Also, keep drinking lots of water... and are you exercising?
Hi Sparkle, I am exercising, went walking twice and yoga (is that exercise really?) but I haven't done well on the water at all, maybe one glass a day, but I am having tea, coke and squashes in terms of fluids.

Part of me is hoping that the LL thing is correct, although my body had 3 weeks of absolutely being stuffed to the gills, so to gain a pound when I start eatily healthily is a bit disheartening to say the least.

Anyway, I'm going to heed the advice I've been dishing out and give it another week and see how I get on...obviously I can't continue to gain weight as I might as well be eating pizza if that's the case...but I'll give it another week. It's a bit depressing as I thought I'd at worse stay the same, but to actually gain a pound really is a p**s take!

Anyway, enough grizzling from me!

I know it's hard Joe, but I completely agree with Sparkle, you've got to give it a proper go and let your body adjust to the new diet. When I SS I lose about 7lbs on my first day, but I would put it all immediately back on if I ate the next couple of days because all my body is doing that day is taking it's calorie deficiency from my bodies store of carbs etc and then it will start filling up again as soon as you eat. So, it is likely that on your first WW weigh in, that your weight hadn't returned fully to your 'full' weight and so you may have started day 2 heavier than day 1, if you know what i mean. Thats kind of what I meant earlier in the week when I warned you that you might not see a big loss this week. WW does work!!!!!!! I can assure you, your body just need to adjust to the style of eating proper healthy meals and then once it gets back on an even level, you can start to lose weight healthily.

And you'd have probably gained more if you ate pizza BTW.

Anyway, don't get disheartened, although I really understand where you are coming from, there is nothing worse when you've tried and did it 100%, but be patient. XXX
Thanks Lottie and Sparkle for your support....

I've not been here for a few days to due baby having another bug, me catching it and now hubby too...been a hell of a few days :-(

Anyway, I know I've lost weight this week as I had a sneak preview, but am glad I did as on Saturday (I really thought I was going to have to call an ambulance where I thought I was going to die)...I ate the strangest foods...i do so wish I was one of these " oh I never eat when I'm ill" Well i realise I'll be asking for Minstrels on my bloody death bed ;-)

Still, came off WW for the day mainly as I couldn't be arsed to write anything down or look anything up, it was all I could do to put fork to mouth, so scrubbed that day, just glad I didn't appear to do much damage. Have had a few odd days of having a glass of wine and minstrels instead of food in order to keep within my points, but I'll eat healthily when I have the points to do so.

Today I've had my evening meal for lunch so am about to have Special K for dinner...strange but true!

I've decided the best thing is for me to never look at myself naked in the mirror, I caught sight of myself last Thursday and it nearly did me in, since then with a pair of knickers on I've been able to cope...Faith had to come out of the emergency exit so as well as losing 7.5 stones and all that brings with it, I've got a hell of a lot of damage to my stomach from giving birth. Hey ho, so long as it's tucked in and out of the way it doesn't bother me :)

Lets hope the scales weren't wrong by Wednesday morning.

Hope everyone is having a good week - Joe
I've decided the best thing is for me to never look at myself naked in the mirror, I caught sight of myself last Thursday and it nearly did me in, since then with a pair of knickers on I've been able to cope...Faith had to come out of the emergency exit so as well as losing 7.5 stones and all that brings with it, I've got a hell of a lot of damage to my stomach from giving birth. Hey ho, so long as it's tucked in and out of the way it doesn't bother me :)

LOL, I'm so there with you, I'm looking at old lady pants to pull mine in for the wedding. I dream of a tummy tuck!!! Shame I'm poor.

Glad that you had a sneak peek to improve your motivation hun and that it seems to be working. Whatever you need to do to get you through the week on target, I say is good. Thats the beauty about WW, you can pull it back, maybe not by the most healthiest means, but it leaves you to make those choices like and adult and at the end of the day, you can alternate between healthy and whatever fits into your life, without those guilty feelings, cos you know that you are within your points.

Lost 5 pounds this week, which is obvoiusly great as i was begining to lose hope of ever losing weight other than on a VLCD.

I have had a few days of having to have fruit as an evening meal where i've gone wrong with my points in the day...probably going to have to do the same tonight as miscalculated a salad, thought I was reading 'per pack' but I was reading 'per 100g' so it ended up being three times more than I thought i was eating, hey ho, nectaries for tea again.

I have renewed faith that I can lose weight whilst eating, I obviously just need to be very careful with my choices as one evening I may end up refusing the fruit and eating over my points...not happened yet but TOTM next week - eek!

Anyway, today has proved there is always hope.

BRILLIANT!! congrats on your excellent weight loss. :) :) :)

You are doing so well, and am delighted that WW is working so well for you.

Have come off CD myself and was a bit scared about converting over to WW but touch wood so far its working. Taking each day as it comes, and like you just sticking with counting my points and trying not to get carried away.

Its so lovely to see threads about people that have come off VLCD to either continue weight loss or maintain, and is encouraging for others when they are ready to do the same.

Keep up the great work. :) :)

Deb x
That's absolutely fantastic! Something that might help you poitns wise is maybe planning it out the night before? Or if you don't like that (I tried, but kept changing my mind which ruined my journal) you could maybe try something I've recently started.

Basically I've got a lovely little notebook, and in it written as many different breakfasts as I can think about on one page (some have just minor changes like the type of fruit), as many different lunches on another page, and as many different dinners I can think about as well. Then I've written all the points next to them, so if I know that I'm limited in points for a particular meal, I can just see which meals have a certain amount of points or less in them.

I also have dinner at 'lunch' time, it's really filling and because that is the meal that tends to have the highest number of points in it, it gives me a better idea of how many points I have left for the rest of the day.

I hope that makes sense, I'm kinda typing it on the sly at work!
Well done on losing 5lbs its a great feeling isnt it.

Heres to another great week :)
Thanks everyone, here's hoping next week is good...I went over points yesterday accidentally and have clawed back 2 today and will try to do the same tomorrow...I have already calculated tomorrow to factor in minstrels and wine, so shredded wheat for breakfast as that's the lowest I can seem to find and ready meal for lunch...guess nectarine for dinner...oh and along with the minstrels of course :)

Deb, we can do it, need to be one of the statistics that actually reaches goal and stays there whilst eating...hopefully this year!

Sparkle, fab idea regarding putting all the meals on one page, it's very annoying flicking through all the pamphlets to figure out what I can have for 2 points!

Sandy, amen! x
Thanks Lottie!

Have struggled this week to stay within my points and I gave up counting on Friday as I'd run out of points by 6pm.

Started afresh on Saturday though and have done okay.

Thought today woudl be good as I only had 1.5 points for breakfast but then had a cheese roll, and had no idea how many points were in 40g of cheese...will be thinking long and hard before doing that again. I also had a WW brownie, mainly becuase I went shoping today on an empty stomach which I know I shouldn't ever do...but I still have enough for a ready meal and a good few pieces of fruit tonight, so should be okay...although i wanted to cut back on a few points to make up for some of Friday.

This week is likely to be TOTM, which is why I think Friday was bad to be honest, so I'm not expecting any loss, and may gain, but have set my mind to ignore the scales as if it is TOTM then that's life and I'll have a good loss the next week...fingers crossed.

I've decided to get rid of my membership to the spa as it costs a fortune and I only get to go once or twice a month at the moment, and have decided to try exercise videos at home twice a week in the mornings...have just got Latinacise which looks funky, but not had a chance to try it yet, here's hoping I can fit it in tomorrow.

It's such a shame as I have a brand new eliptical trainer but it's too big for my house so it's in the studio in the garden, so obviously it's not being used...I'll have to sell it I think as it's soul destroying seeing it every day.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend - Joe
Thanks Sandy, doing okay today, have switched my evening meal to my lunchtime as I was hungry, which I think will do me well today in terms of picking...although I've had 3 carrot cake slices (eek) but still have enough points to get food tonight!

I will stop making bad choices, I just need to open up my repertoire of food...and unfortuntaely I need time to do htat, which I don't really have at the moment (I work for myself and things are manic at the mo).

Really need to sell the cross trainer though as it's insulting me just looking at a £500 ornament!

I'm hoping to do the pinkpowerwalk in May so am going to ask my WW buddies if anyone fancies training...may post a thread about that....mmmm.

Hope your week is going well so far - Joe