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As the BMI goes down....


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do you feel you're getting hungrier??

Over the last couple of days I have found myself feeling really starved, you know when it feels like the tummy is eating itself??!!

My BMI is still 26 something and I want to try and stick to SSing for as long as I can (till bmi 25) but I feel weak, lethargic etc...

Has anyone ever felt like this at all???
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Hi Penny,

No I didnt find that, like you I wanted to SS all the way to 25 but since I decided to start moving up the plans I am obsessed with starting back on food so I am going to start 810 at the end of this week which is tomorrow :) yay. No really feeling any different in my tummy.

Do you think you might have a touch of heartburn?


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I am a lot more hungry now than I was earlier. However, I started three weeks ago today so I've not really been on it long enough to make a comparison really.

I haven't lost any weight for the last three days though. As my hunger has kicked in my weight loss as stopped so I wonder if these are connected. I hope this is just my body gearing up for a big drop.


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Hi, I am into week three and I noticed the same over the weekend, my stomach felt like I was starving and i was in agony, the same today! I am so hungry I feel physically sick. Not sure why I feel this way :-(


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Maybe its all in your head? (no offence!) Because you are approaching eating food again it might be that you are thinking about food more?
Also has the amount of water you drink decreased?
I have been on cd for about 11 weeks and you do start to get more complacent, I have to really remind myself to drink the water somedays because I am so used to the diet, whereas in the beginning I thought about what I was drinking all the time, and weighed myself loads (obsessed really) cos it was all new and exciting (not!)


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In theory, there could be a plausible explanation:

People who are getting close to BMI 25 aren't usually encouraged to start SS, and people below 25 aren't usually allowed to (even though if you're already on it above 25, you can continue to 25). SS works by ketosis. Your body will use up the nutrients in the packs, then (since no glycogen stores left) will eat at your fat......BUT if you're near 25 and there's not much fat left, the muscle:fat ratio you lose at is probably higher, and you're not producing the same chemicals you are when you're losing more fat. That's why people who are normal or under weight would lose muscle if going into ketosis.

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