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Asda chickpea dhal?

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in our local asda its usually with the tins of meatballs,stewing steak, veg curry etc all together but i know they all seem to be arranged differently. good luck cos its lovely
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It's in a can, which has a lilac/purple background and picture of the curry on the front.

It's usually in the tin aisle, near things like ravioli. Asda do a couple of tin curries so you should be able to find the section. But you do have to look for it sometimes in my store!


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hi, ive not seen the dhal one but the chickpea in masala is nice and thats with the beans !!


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ooooo so envious, my daughter is extremely allergic to tomatoes so can't have anything in the house with tomatoes in it and sadly this has tomato paste in. . . might have to buy some for work x


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it took me forever to find it too! thats because I had been looking in the Indian section assuming it would be there!!

But yeh in my asda it is beside all asda own brand tinned meals - tinned curry/chilli/stew etc! usually a bit further up the beans aisle lol!

Hope you find it and enjoy it! I think its really nice and its cheap about 70p a tin i think which gives u loads esp if on a jacket potato or with some rice for dinner!



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I don't think all stores have it - i know mine doesn't, which is :cry: because it's really nice as a fall back and much tastier than the sundar version.


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I was amazed to find it was with the tins of chicken curry and meatballs and stuff and not with the beans even though the ones in sweet chilli sauce were with the beans.

Actually youve just reminded me Im having that for tea but as I couldnt find italso bought soya beans in sweet chilli and chick peas in masala are they also free on green?
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hi, yes the chick pea in masala sauce is free too !


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Thanks for the info on the chickpea in masala. Im sure the soya bean in sweet chilli is free too which is good


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Mmm yummy. I used to love the sainsbury's version. It was even nicer - then it stopped being free & became ridiculously high syns. Thank goodness for Asda one :)
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My local Asda don't stock it- such a shame cos it sounds really good. I've hunted for it in all the above places, and asked staff there, and they don't know what I'm on about!

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