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asda extra tasty chicken - 2nd day EE

sorry if its in the wrong thread.....
I'm a bit gutted.
Ordered a regular chicken from asdas and they delivered "extra tasty chicken" its a whole raw chicken and i've looked on the syns calculator and it says its free, but i've got a feeling i did it wrong - its only my 2nd day EE and worried now about this flipin chicken!
Any advice appreciated please :cry:
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chicken is free if you cook it yourself and take the skin off..
doesn't matter if it's cheap stuff or expensive stuff, it's all still just chicken..
this of course does not apply to chicken in anything orange ( breadcrumbs or batter etc .. )
Hi Busy Bee...

Hoping I am right but aslong as you remove the skin (as with any chicken) it will be syn free on extra easy and red...

Herbs and spices are free and that's all that's on Extra Tasty, surely

Good Luck and happy chicken eating xxx

Laura x


Strutting her stuff
i am not sure that this will be free actually - they call it extra tasty because it is basted with a sugar and oil mixture according to their website :(

But even if it is synnable I don't think it will be horrifically high in syns
if it's basted, isn't that just on the skin though?
it's uncooked so you could skin it and rinse it under the tap to wash the sugar and oil off?
Ooooooooooh I'm so confused now!!!
It did say basted. I did rinse the chicken under the tap. I didn't eat the skin. The chicken did taste different. Definately had a flavour to it.
Shall I just ignore it now. There's nothing I can do and I'm only making myself irritated about it!!!!!!!
Stupid asdas making something extra tasty!!!!!! Hee hee!!!!!!?
if it bothers you that much, count it as a few syns and leave it at that.. I doubt you ate the whole thing yourself and it's probably not much more than a couple of spoon fulls of oil and sugar..

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