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Asda measure up diet


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I've tried it and it's a bit like tfr Lipotrim but you can just have two a day and a solid meal once a day either breakfast or lunch but make sure you have between 2 to 3 litres of water a day.


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Oh and the Caffe and Strawberry one is tasty and you can't complain with it being £4 a tub. But I will say make sure you weigh up all servings and put each 50g into a small food bag as I have found the scoop a bit fiddly.
I've started this today with my boyfriend. Not sure how long he'll stick it but we don't have enough time for exercise really because we're so busy. Chocolate shake = awesome. Has anyone done this without eating the meal at night/ just having another shake??? (my mate did a crazy diet that worked but she basically ate weetabix 3 times a day and lost 2 stone in a couple months) Am new to this whole malarkey.


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Asda measure up

Hey thin4wed

I have about a weeks supply of LT shakes to kick start me off and then I was thinking about using the Asda MU shakes instead. I've moved jobs so the chemist I used to use is not a viable option for me now. Wanted to link in with others who are using Asda MU!!
Hey there! After a few weeks of not really getting anywhere with slimming world I was hoping to try this, after seeing it mentioned on the site a few times before! Would you guys defo recommend it? I really wanna lost at least 10lbs before March!! xxx
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I don't really know alot about the cambridge diet, but I started Measure up on Monday, I have lost 3lbs as of today!
Its more like Slimfast, but you make the shake with water instead of milk :)
So its 2 shakes, 3 100 cal snacks and a 600 cal meal!
Most of my snack have been skips and kit kats.. Not complaining as I'm losing weight so far lol :) xxx
Well done! Thats a really good weight loss so far, fingers crossed it carries on for you. I got some yesterday and going to start it tomorrow. Can't seem to find any instructions or write up about it on the packaging or in store. Only says how to mix the shake.

Also noticed a huge difference in the amount of carbs in the premade shake and the tubs...definitely going to be doing the tubs till i'm back at work!!
Thank you :D
From what I have saw on the forums here, just treat it like Slimfast which I have, and I do feel great :D
The first day I tried, I did get headaches, so I gave up and had sweeties :(. But on Monday I started again and felt great, so I wont give up!
Also I had also compared all the nutritional info on it with Slimfast, Tesco's version and Celebrity slim, and Measure up has the less cals and carbs. Defo a must :D xxx
I compared it to the Cambridge tetras I had last year, nutritionally its pretty similar to be honest, I like the fact the sugar is much much lower than others when you use the tubs!!


No longer a redhead though!
Hey, sorry just seen this post! When is LT? I like the Measure Up shakes, nice flavours and you cant beat the price!

When is LT? I think you meant 'what is LT' maybe. Sorry LT is Lipotrim, which is a total meal replacement diet - with shakes. Didn't mean to confuse. I started this week with the leftover shakes, had to wait till after a couple of important events to start. I've tried the latte Asda MU shake and it's disgusting - but hey ho, one of the best things that I heard on here was to treat shakes as 'fat medicine' so most medicines taste horrid so will plow on with it.
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Started measure up on 6th march 2012. weighing in at 106.7 kg. After 4 days i weigh in at 104.4 kg. Thats amazing for me.

My skin looks better already and i feel like i have more energy. I have a shake for breakfast, a shake for dinner with a shape yoghurt and an apple or a banana. then i keep my tea within 600 calories.

I have started to record exactly how many calories i am eating and am drinking more water. Still have about 5 cups of tea a day though.

My friend recommended these shakes and to date she has lost 15kg in 3 months thats just over 2 stone. These shakes clearly work and taste good too.
That's fantastic hun! I haven't been sticking to it that well at the moment or working out as much due to stress of my house and being lazy! I'm back on it tomorrow, after having a 2 day junk fest :/

And the shakes are fantastic, being a chocaholic these give me my choccie fix 2x a day lol!! xxx

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