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Asked the doctor this morning.......

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Yummy Mummy! xx
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and whilst i was there I asked about the referal to Slimming World scheme I have heard some people mention about on here. As I mentioned last night I am hoping to return to class after my holidays (I head off to Turkey a week tomorrow - cant wait!!) but my doctors do dont it.

They can refer me to a dietician at the doctors surgery. has anyone had any experience of this? Can I see her alongside doing SW?

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Yummy Mummy! xx
S: 248lb C: 248lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Excuse me????????

Both me and my OH have both worked really hard putting in 40 hours a week or more in order to afford this holiday - which I might add is the first one we have had in 3 years, not that its any of your business how I afford a holiday.

Secondly, there has been a lot of discussion on these boards lately regarding the referal scheme and a lot of people on here have been referred - are they bleeding the system dry then???

I work for the NHS and am aware of how many people are admitted with health problems due to their weight issues and if something can be done about it now in order to detere it then that can only be a good thing.

I thought these boards were all about encouraging and supporting each other on thier weight loss journey not making assumptions on peoples financial circumstances! - how wrong was I??



Wishing and hoping!
wow bige thats a bit harse, I think the scheme is a good thing as if it improves the quaility of someone's health surely there would be less health related problems that are not being paid for as their health improves!
i am sure you can do SW with a dietrain as SW is healthy in a balanced diet and you get knowledge about the different types of food, good luck huni bee :)
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I haven't had any experience of seeing the Dietician but my Doctor did say that if I wanted to I could see the nurse each week for a weigh in. Would that be an option for you maybe? You could then do Slimming World and instead of going to meetings get the nurse to weigh you so that you still have someone to be accountable to.

The scheme is not available in my area either but if it was I would have taken it up. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with the scheme and it should be available in all areas. It would definately save money for the NHS in the future.

I hope you have a lovely holiday:D
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I would also guess that you can afford the £5 a week (or less) if your off to Turkey on holiday.

You're entitled to your opinion about what the NHS does and doesn't pay for, of course, but your comment above is completely uncalled for.

If you can't put forward your argument in a nicer, less confrontational way, then please do it elsewhere.
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that is incredibly harsh, i work full time and if i had been offered the scheme i would accept the help. Its not easy losing on your own.

You mention bleeding the nhs dry well if more of us lost weight as the drs etc want us to then we will be less of a 'burden' on society.

If you can get the referral honey go for it i would


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I'm not sure where you are in the north east, but in my area (wallsend Newcastle ) sw has been selected as the "diet' of choice to be refered to. I dont see why you cant still see the dietician.

Good luck and stay positive :D can you ring the receptionist at the docs and ask them or they will be able to find out for you without having to make an appointment for the doc again.


Yummy Mummy! xx
S: 248lb C: 248lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0lb(0%)
Thank you all very much, I was sat here in tears as I thought I had offended people but thank you for all your kind words. I have made an appointment to see the dietician on monday morning at my local surgery.

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sorry but if even a small number of people referred to SW via their GP lose weight it will, in the long run save the NHS ALOT of money! and its no-one elses business on what someone can and cannot afford!!! Oh and I work for the NHS as a clinician and completely agree with the referrals!!!
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I can tell you what is a waste of NHS resources! people who book an appointment and don't turn up as am sitting in my clinic and currently have a DNA rate of 50% - yes, a waste of my time, other people could have had the appointment and I have other work to do but need to wait and see if the last person booked turns up!!!


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Really cant believe that comment from Bige!

Fine, you dont agree with it. Yes, its unfair that its only available to certain people due to the randomness of Primary care trusts and local health authorities etc - but isnt it better that its available to some than not at all?

If I hadnt been referred to Slimming World by my nurse, it wouldnt have occured to me to join a group - its just not the sort of thing that I would usually do. And before you ask - yes I could have afforded it - thats not the point. I probably would have just tried dieting on my own and gave up because without the weekly weigh in discipline, the shiny stickers, the support, encouragement and advice I would never have got this far.

Or, I would have gone on some faddy diet, lost the weight I wanted, then piled it all back on once i got fed up with milkshakes twice a day, and would have ended up back where I started.

Without Slimming World, I probably would have slowly slipped further and further into obesity causing much more damage and cost to the NHS through heart problems, diabetes, cancer, strokes etc etc.

As it is, I have the structure of a healthy eating plan that I can live with and maintain for life.

Worth £144 of any PCTs money I'd have thought.

Once the vouchers ran out, I joined as a paying member and will continue to pay until I reach target, which is just over 5lbs away. And once I reach target I plan on continuing to go back for free, volunteering at the pay station, providing incentivisation to new joiners, offering my advice and experience.

Or do you think thats not fair either and target members should pay too???

I suppose you object to stopping smoking schemes as well?
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I havent been able to read the deleted post, but I thik I agree with their sentiment. If you can afford to go to SW you shoudlnt try & get it for free through the NHS really.


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Oh and Bige.

The reason you have deleted your post is not because you are "unable to have your own point of view"

Its because you were **** rude in the way you expressed it!
all i have to say on the matter is before anyone posts anything they should read the banner at the top of here, which reads:

Slimming World You are Very Welcome to Slimming World support! We are a warm and friendly support group for people of all ages currently following the slimming world plan. Our aim is to encourage and support each other on our weightloss journey and also to pick up some good hints, tips and recipes along our way to Slimville...

I think Bige expressed a view that they have, but in a very abrupt way. We are entitled to free speech and differing views on matters, but being negative doesnt get anyone, anywhere - and hence Bige, why everyone is getting miffed with what you said.

Lets just all move on eh? x
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I think the referrals scheme is a brilliant idea. I haven't done it myself but there's a guy at my group who has lost 6 stone since he started. He said himself that without the referral scheme he would probably be a lot heavier now and his diabetes would have a massive impact on his life. I hope you sort something out hun and have a fantastic holiday. You've worked hard for it so you deserve it. Don't let the comments get you down :) x


Is so doing it this time
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Hang on a minute..... leave Missgalaxy alone! Who are we to sit in judgement when we know none of the facts. I'm quite sure most people if offered something for free even if they could afford it would accept it. The gov pay out millions in benefits to people, SOME of whom are perfectly capable of getting of their back sides and working but don't and Missgalaxy and her OH have paid their taxes and contributions probably for years and years and years. She is absolutely totally unquestionably irrevocably and completely undeniably entitled to be referred..... I rest my case :)
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