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Asking someone their weight.... Rude??

Trim T

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Hi, this really bugs me and i just wondered if anyone else had experienced the same.

I am no longer overweight as you can see by my tickers and information. This is all thanks to a vlcd.

But why is it people think it's now ok to ask how much i weigh? Just because i'm not fat anymore doesn't make the question any less offensive in my eyes.

I'm sure if i were to ask them they'd be horrified and extremely offended. So why is it different when we're thinner??

I don't mind people showing an interest and asking how much weight i've lost.... but in my eyes that's a different question!

Am i just winding myself up or does anyone agree that it's NEVER ok to ask somebody their weight.

I suppose this has arose because I'm going to a party this weekend and there is one individual i know will ask, and not to be nice, just so she can look at me in a judgemental way.

Last time we met she proceded to ask me "are you REALLY happy being that thin?"!! Bearing in mind i was a size 10 a perfctly healthy BMI, and not at all waif-like. I found it quite offensive.

T x
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I agree Trim, never ask a persons age or weight. I'd turn the question back on them and ask their weight!
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I think I'd be so thrilled to be a normal size and weight that I'd be volunteering the info before anybody asked LOL
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i do agree that there is a world of difference in asking someone how much they have lost as oppose to how much do you weigh!!

How much you weigh is irrelevent, unless they carry a tape measure and a BMI chart with them to work out if you're healthy! lol!

Next time someone asks "how much do you weigh now?", say "i've lost <insert number here> stones, thank you very much!"


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I get this all the time,people ask how much i weigh it still takes me aback,however if i dont tell them when i first started cd id have a couple of people say (obviously thinking i was a bit thick)how much do you want to lose then a little while later what do you want to weigh when you finish........... derrrr spotted!!I did maths at school too!!I think half of the time they want to compare what you weigh to what they do and see how much they have to lose to look like you haha!!


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For a lot of ''non overweight'' people who've never been overweight asking someone's weight isn't offensive at all. Here me and my friends ask each other all the time, or at school etc. It's not some kind of taboo here. Whenever I ask them they answer me right away, it's not something they want to keep from me or anything... I think this has to do with settling into your new glam body ;-)

I think it may very well be that you're sensitive to it due to your weightloss and you being very selfconcious about your weight. And of course, when people ask in an evil vicious way you have every right to be offended by it. Just try to remember, some people won't see anything wrong with asking someone elses weight ;-)

Good luck at your party hon and well done re your weightloss xxx

(This is all how I see it and think it is by reading your post but if it's somehow wrong, don't be offended :eek:)

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Personally, I think asking someones weigh is rude no matter their weight. Whether they are overweight or not.

I just may be sensitive I suppose, but if I want to tell someone I will. If I don't tell them it's either not relevant or I don't want to.

I have a client (I'm a freelance administrator along with fostering), and he commented on losing weight when I first met him... very first meeting. He was talking about himself but he said it in such a way and looked a certain way that it made me feel uncomfortable. He knew that too I think as has never mentioned my weight - even though I've now lost 2 stone since knowing him! lol

I hope I'll be more relaxed when at goal, but honestly I doubt it. Weight is a life long issue for most of us so major ((hugs)) to you and congratulations to getting to a size 10! :) And a healthy bmi :)


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definately rude. what does it matter what you weigh to them anyway? dont mind saying i've lost X stones etc

reminds me of when i was heavily pregnant and people would touch and stroke my belly so bl**dy rude:mad:
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I think it depends who is asking... my close mates and family its cool, i chat about every single inch of my body. But if it was someone I work with or barely knew id find it a bit rude!


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I think the real problem is that most people are rude. When it comes to issues of weight, many folks have some real insecurities, so they like to ask about your weight in order to make themselves feel superior.

I second the idea that you should just turn the question around and ask the woman how much she weighs these days.


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The other thing is, too, it's meaningless, isn't it? We're all different. Weighing 8 stones when you're 5 ft 9 is entirely different to weighing 8 stones when you're 4 ft 11. Not only that, but we all carry weight differently, even if we're the same height.

It's a daft question. Tell her that--and then tell her to mind her beeswax :D


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I was going to reply but read Lilys post and its exactly what i would have put!!
Well done on everyones losses so far.

Trim T

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S: 12st10lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 1st7lb(11.8%)
Thanks everyone, i'm glad it's not just me and i appreciate everyones opinions.

I suppose the real problem is that no matter what weight i am i still consider myself as having a weight issue. It's a constant battle for me so maybe that's why i get so easily offended.

I fully intend to turn the question... if asked. I'm sure she just has her own weight insecurities and this would pretty much stump the conversation.

Thank you very much for you replies xxx

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