Aspartame Is Bad...Apparently?...


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im a big fan of normal coke.

i always hear about diet products containing Aspartame, and the effects it has.

about 2 weeks ago i started drinking alot of diet coke to replace my normal coke, a few cans every day, more in some days. and i started getting headaches.

But i stopped last week and returned to normal coke again, but I have been cutting down on normal coke due to dieting reasons. And the headaches seem to have gone for the time being. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I havent found a clear answer on Aspartame yet.

YouTube - Aspartame: The Shocking Truth...
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It is more likely that your headaches were due to sugar withdrawal. This only lasts for a short time which is why you are no longer getting them.

Check out this site for the official position on aspartame
Food Standards Agency - Aspartame