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Aspartame stalling weight loss?

Deb G

Silver Member
Posted here so the CD/LL people (and anyone else) can have a look easily!

When I followed a low-carb diet we were told to steer clear of apsartame as it can stall weightloss in some people. It is hard to find medical evidence of this on the internet, and Lighterlife use it in their packs and their water flavourings.

I've got a stone to go and my weight loss is stalling. I know this can happen for many reasons, but you have to admit, its pretty depressing!!!:sigh: I've upped my water, increased low-level exercise etc, but lost only 0.8lb last week, and I'm looking at about 0.5lbs this week. NOT GOOD!!!!:cry:

However, I DO have a LOT of the water flavouring. I have 4 litres of it a day (plus one of plain water) and I like to make it quite strong. I think that it COULD be affecting my weight loss.

So - from today I am going back to 5 litres of plain water only to see if it makes a difference. I really want to lose this by 9th Feb so I can eat (RTM Week 1 foods) on my walking holiday at half term. However, I want to lose at least another half stone before I start eating so I can lose the other half on RTM.

Has anyone else found their weight has stalled/slowed when using a lot of the water flavourings?
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Deb G

Silver Member
Thanks Hedgemag - that's very interesting. Is it because it is likely to stall you or do they not give a reason? Also - do you have aspartame in your foodpacks like we do? Obvisouly we can't avoid it in them, but it would be interesting to see the difference. Can't see why they don't use sucralose/Splenda instead.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Yes they do have it packs but, it is a measured amount that is taken into account overall. They also contain a small amount of carbohydrate which can affect the diet.

Deb G

Silver Member
Drank plain water all day (5 litres as usual) and when I woke this morning my whole body mechanics just felt like they were fat burning (I hope you understand what I mean - you know how you can just feel the weight being lost???). Anyway - despite being 10 days at the 140/141lb border I am now 138 - a loss of 2lb. I can still feel my body in that fat-burning mode now, so I think any stall is passing. I will keep updating though for the next couple of weeks to see what the long term difference is.

Deb G

Silver Member
Hi Debbiemac! I've had a few people ask me about LL and say "Oh I can't afford it" so I've pushed them in the CD direction. Can you PM you contact details to me so I can pass them on (if that's ok)?

Nice to see a fellow Cumbrian here too!!! I may take you up on your offer of a black coffee!

Deb G

Silver Member
OK - I think there IS something in this!

I stopped using the flavourings on Tuesday night, so from Wednesday morning I have had my usual 5 litres but just as plain water. Since I weighed myself on Wednesday morning I have already lost 5.5lbs!!!!

Hence - I think I will stick with the plain water. Definitely worth an experiement if you feel your weight is stalling!!

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