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I know we have had several threads in the past about aspartame. I even initiated one myself.

Recently I have been having very strong head pains starting in my neck and radiating to the top of my head and ending behind my left eye. I also get pins and needles in my lips and sometimes on my face generally.

I told my oncologist the last time I saw her which was June last year. I had an MRI of my cranium and it came back clear.

At the time I was drinking a cold drink that is in a powder form and contains aspartame. I suspected it could have some bearing.

I haven't had the pains for a while but a few months ago they started again.

I drink 2 Options drinks a day and I noticed that they too contain aspartame.

Is there anyone out there who believes this could be the cause of the pain. It seems to be quite ferocious stuff.
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I really have no answer to your problem, but generally I try to use Splenda I know there is a daily limit to the use of Aspartame.

Hope you feel better soon!
Trudy, thank you for your very comprehensive reply.

And thank you both for your concern.

I am going to cut out all products that contain aspartarme happens and see what


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I am going to cut out all products that contain aspartarme happens and see what
Good idea fillymum, I personally will not touch it with a barge pole!! And that's just what happens to me if I drink or eat something with aspartame in, headaches, sweats, fluid retention and just feeling dreadful.

Hope you soon feel better.
Aspartame is a chemical, i dont even like the word.

I stay away from it as much as possible.

"i think" its more harmfull when digested with other things.

I will have to look up any notes i have, from when i was researching E numbers and man made products for the very reason that you posted. I had 3 MRIs but i had Lyme Disease with severe Hormone problems. With an Immune system down. Chemicals are the last thing you want to digest.
So now i think why would i want to if im well. Our poor bodies:cry:.

Saying that i bet theres some hidden in some products that i dont know about:mad:

Hope you find the reason for your headaches, wisdom teeth are a devil for neck ache.
Good Luck:)


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holy crap!!!! that stuff's evil!!!!

I had no idea...

it would explain the headaches I used to get when I drank 2L bottles of diet coke every day when I was younger..

it can also make you GAIN weight!!! WTF??? might as well have the sugar..

it breaks down at about 82°F into other chemicals including formaldyhide which is toxic so I'd not recomend the "diet coke chicken" then...
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If i remember right it has something to do with embalming fluid ...but i didnt realy like to post that bit:eek: lol. I will try to hunt the article down.

Here we go

[FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif][SIZE=+1]Aspartame is made of 3 components, 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). In the body methanol breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid.[/SIZE][/FONT]
Have you tried cutting it out? I don't know too much about what effects it can have but I am a little sceptical about it.
From today I will be cutting it out altogether. It is a bit of a blow as I love my options drinks but would rather do without and feel well.

[FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif][SIZE=+1]Aspartame is made of 3 components, 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). In the body methanol breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid.[/SIZE][/FONT]
That is terrifying !!!

Thank you.
I use Morrisons sucralose based sweetener, it's much cheaper than splenda, and they do both the tablets and granulated forms. I was getting headaches using aspartame based sweeteners too. I still have some things that have aspartame, but have reduced those things considerably and don't get as many headaches.
I think for most people you would have to consume a vast amount of aspartame for it to have any effect (I believe I saw a documentary that said the equivalent of 12 cans a day, every day, would be a level which could have an impact).

That said, my friend is allergic to aspartame, and if she has any she gets random egg sized swellings which travel about and then disappear (quite strange to see!), so it could be more that you have an allergy to the ingredients in the diet drinks rather than them naturally being harmful.

Just a thought!


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Excuse me for saying but my honest opinion is based on my always very suspicous view of any of these agencies as they will blow which ever way is most convenient or profitable for them!!
Ther is NO such thing as an unbiased company, whether government based or not.
Stay clear of as much artificial stuff as possible - is my motto. The basic idea of "dieting" should be to control the intake and quality of the food we eat and drinks we consume so why not start now for a healthier and fitter body minus the gunk!!..:D
I went to uni with a guy whose dad worked for the company that developed this stuff. I saw a report which at the time was supposed to be company confidential about its effect. Suffice to say I've never touched the stuff since reading it. Stear clear - It is pure evil and I can't figure out how its still allowed to be sold.
I only have aspartame in options (one a day). If I need a sweetener in my cooking I use splenda which is sucralose. Does anyone know the about the safety of sucralose?


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Sugar substitutes and the potential danger of Splenda
This thread is really making me reconsider using artificial sweetners because the ones like splenda that i use are fairly new so the long term affects of them are just coming to light. I have quite a lot of sugar in my tea and like to have some in my weetabix too which would add up to a quite a few syns but i'm now thinking after my splenda finishes i wont be buying anymore and just use syns on sugar and try to cut it down gradually.
I can't tolerate any artificial sweeteners at all. Aspartame/Acesulfame K both give me horrendous blinding headaches. All the others go in one end and straight out the other!

Personally I think artificial sweeteners are the work of the devil - but that's just my opinion!

Trace xx
Prune juice is a good sweetner and also keeps you regular :D.

I used to be such a sugar monster then i banned it from my house.

I couldnt bare lemsip without it, i had 3 teaspoons.

Im now drinking it with none, once your mind and body get used to it, it realy can take it or leave it.

For friends and family ask a friend to get a cahs and carry box or prepacked like you get at cafes.

pop it iat the back of the lower cupboards ( out of sight out of mind):)

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