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assj - diary


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seen as everyone has welcomed me so much and everyone is so lovely, i am going to start a diary just to share how i am getting on and my weigh ins etc.

yesterday i did fab completely stuck to my points, today i was really ill with one of my bad headaches i couldnt even move this morning, so all i have been able to manage so far is a banana but i am feeling better now so will have my dinner which is chicken breast and noodles in a bit and possibly a ww brownie if i can manage it.
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right as i am kind of strugling to have all my points i thought i would right down what i am having to help me keep to them.

i am meant to have 30 a day.

walkers baked crisps - 1.5
diet coke - 0
ww brownie - 1.5
irish stew (swapped the soup as it was rank :() - 5.5 (i think)
2 slices ww wholemeal bread - 2
ww choc bar - 1.5
banana - 1.5
2 clementines - 0.5
(later on for dinner)
potatoes - 3.5
chicken breast - 2.5
3 small york puds - 3
veges - 0
gravy - 1
ribena really light diluted with water 1 litre - 1
ww choc - 1.5
walkers baked crisps - 1.5
2 cups skinny cow hot choc - 2

yay!!!!!!!!!! 30!!!!!!!!!!!!
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eeek yes till just i had a ww brownie.
i know its not enough, i need to try harder, but from the time i get up till my 18 month old has a nap at 2.30pm i dont stop lol theres her breaky, then housework, then getting her dressed, then playing then lunch, i am strugling to find a gap for me to sit down and eat.
i even ate those crisps whilst waiting for the living room floor to dry lol
oh it is hard with kiddies around and all that goes with it, but could you sit down and have brekkie with your little one, i used to do that with mine and they loved eating with mummy? seemed to encourage them to eat too, just a thort


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I would definatly set aside time, it doesnt take long to eat a bowl of cereal ( well it doesnt me anyway ) lol, i know it can be tempting to not use too many too early BUT it will have a negative impact if you use too few, just as damaging as using to many.

A 60g bowl of coco pops would have used 3, plus milk and if you are struggling to use them by the end of the day dont got for the diet drinks ;)

I probably sound like a nag now but you need to keep your metabolism ticking over evenly to lose weight effectivly and that amount of points by this late in the day isnt enough t have started it


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thanks, eating breaky with her is a good idea but only if its toast or fruit but if having cereal she wont feed herself lol shes fussy. as for the diet drinks i only have them cause i really cant stand the taste of the normal stuff. i will def try harder to find the time though.
know what you mean, i cant drink 'normal' pop now much too sweet!!
I have found that my girls are more willing to try new stuff if they see me and hubby eating it, so it could be really good for your little one AND you if you try eating together, but all kids have there funny litte ways:) and quite a few grown ups too.


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yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 points done, i never thought i would say this but its been the hardest thing i have ever had to do to eat that much bloody food lol

i hope it works though cause i cant weight to lose a stone to get rid of a point lol


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well a brand new day, am feeling soooooooooooo tired lol dont know whats wrong with me. hoping to do some good excercise today either go to the gym or cardio on my running machine.
anyway heres my food for today, will keep editing as i eat more lol

skinny cow hot choc - 1
1 piece toast (white bread) - 1.5 (i think)
butter 10g - 2
grapes 100g - 1
2 slices ww bread - 2
slice chicken - 0.5
Snack a jacks 1 pack - 2
Banana - 1.5
be good to yourself chips 200g - 4.5
cod 100g - 1.5
beans - 1.5
mars bar (oops :)) - 5.5
discos - 2.5

oh my word still 3 more to go :O i think i will have to save them!
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Slowly but surely!
Well done so far hun, im new too only on day 8, I find it hard not to go over my points lol


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todays food:

2 ww sausages - 3
2 rashers HL bacon - 1
beans - 1.5
yogurt - 1
tomato soup - 3.5
2 slices ww bread - 2
(my dinner)
2 pork loin steaks (fat removed) - 8
potatoes - 3.5
veges - 0
1 small york pud - 1
gravy - 1
banana - 1.5
clementines x2 - 0.5

Total 27.5
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in the zone!
Hi there!

Sorry I've just found your diary. Welcome and good luck!

Well done on using your points so far! You're doing really well.

Do you have a WW calculator to help you work out the points in things? They are the best investment and if I was to give you any advise then that would be it.

Good luck chick!



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i had a bad day yesterday, had an argument with my dp so the emotional eating started, and also it didnt help that i didnt eat all day i had a special k bar at 7.30am and then nothing till 17.30 :(

Anyways i dont know if i have gone over my points or not for yesterday, i am going to work it out now and write it down. i did save 3 from the other day and 2.5 from thursday so if i have gone over i hope that will help me out. here goes.


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i went 16 points :eek: over yesterday even with the ones i saved i still went over by 10.5 points. :eek:


i am soooooo disappointed :break_diet:
what do i do now? :cry:


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food for today. trying to only have 25 points today cause of my slip up yday :)

chicken and barley soup - 2
2 ww bread - 2
hot dog - 2.5
burger - 5.5
chicken thigh - 3
slice pizza - 3.5
salad - 0
ww mini roll - 2
ww cheese puffs - 1


I didnt do too badly at the bbq afterall, i am quite glad as i said no to cakes and chocolate trifle, yipeee!!!!!!!!!!!
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