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At a Dead End and in need of new MOTIVATION!

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum (bit confused by it at the moment, but should find my way around shortly - hope this is the right place for this!) :)

Im at a bit of a dead end with weight loss - not really sure which way to go. I feel like my friends and family have had enough and could do with some new, fresh motivation so thought I would come on here!

I am currently 16stone 2lbs (5ft 11) and have previously lost upto 5stone twice before. Once with healthy eating/exercise when I was 14 which took two years and once with The Cambridge Diet (now The Cambridge Weight Plan). Unfortunately both times I put most of the weight back on within a year. At my heaviest I was 18stone.

I am just stuck to which way to go diet wise/change in lifestyle - my control of food is rubbish at moment so I think I need a food replacement.

Im tempted to give Lighterlife a go but it is a lot more expensive than the cambridge weight plan - any ideas? Has anyone done both LL and CWP - is it just the price thats the difference? :confused:

Any ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks :)
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x Nee x

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Why dont you go with simple calorie counting, WW or SW so you start to gain control of food itself, as from your post I would think you need to think about control?

Hi xNeex :)

Thanks for your reply. I do need to think about control - but I cant control food at the moment, so I am just piling the pounds on which is making me feels worse :cry:. Thats why I have decided to do a meal replacement diet, so I can some weight off, feel better for it and then think about food control as I gradually introduce it. I am just debating whether to try out something new. There seem quite a few replacement diets out there and I am wondering if there is a better one? Exante seems cheaper, does anyone know if it is any good?

Once I have lost most my weight and got down to a healthy BMI, I will still have a few stone to lose and would like to do it with one of the "ordinary" diets like SW or WW.


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Hi Dreaming and welcome to the site :)

Have you had a browse at the Exante section on here?


It may help answer some of your questions right now and put you in touch with other members who are following it,

Best Wishes,

Isis :)

x Nee x

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I totally understand, food is too far tempting sometimes.

I was looking into 'lipotrim' the other day and that sounds pretty good and possibly one of the cheaper diets. There is also a forum section on here for that too

Hope that helps

Hi Isis and xNeex

Thanks for your welcome and replies!

I have decided to do the exante diet after researching it last night! Put my order in and will be starting as soon as the packs arrive.

Excited but nervous!

Well done to both of you on your weight loss so far and goodluck with the rest of your journeys :)
Good luck, Dreaming!

I hope Exante will help you turn things around and cheer you up by giving fast results. I am on the Atkins board and one thing our different 'diets' have in common is that they both follow low carb principles. People who lose weight on low carb VLCDs often move to Atkins to maintain. Some regard this as almost a natural progression!

I hope you will be posting losses very soon x

Red Mich

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Hi Dreaming 2010
Like you i'm a serial dieter!
I've done both LighterLife and the Cambridge Diet.
The only difference is the counselling.
The benefits of it (which personally I found minimal) are well outweighed (sorry for the pun) by the cost.
When I did LLife it was years ago and considerably cheaper than now.
CD also tastes better in my opinion with more choices.
Up to you hon.
My problem, and no doubt most peoples, is keeping the weight off.
No matter how much counselling and chatting I did at LLife and on this forum unless your head is in the right place you'll never lose weight or keep it off.

You have to be positive, want to lose the weight and stick to it.
As Nee said calorie counting will work just as well it might just take a bit longer.
Good luck!!!

Ignore my ticker... it's been a long time not-updated :mad:
good luck with exante, i've tried cd twice now and both times lasted 3/4 days before feeling sick at the thought of the milky shakes. i admire anyone who manages it!
Hows it going? Have you started yet?

Hows it going? Have you started yet?

Hey! Yeah I started on 8th June, was going really well until I went to Germany to visit a friend..:rolleyes:..hehe...back to it this week though!!

Have lost 3lbs overall so far!! :)
Well done, thats great to shift 3lbs so far and with the germany blip :)


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