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At goal weight...now what do I do?

I've been going it alone and reached my goal weight but I was wondering if there is any links on here about maintaining my goal weight? I'm still sticking to the basics but having more treats but still seem to be losing weight (poor me right?!)
People are starting to say I look ill and I def don't want to be one of them girls.My fella is already morning the loss of my bum!
but I don't think I could go back to my old eating habits! I actually enjoy eating healthy!
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If I remember rightly, its recommended that you increase your healthy extras til you find the right balance :)


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Congratulations at getting to target! I went through a stage of continuing to lose, but it does calm down eventually!

Official (and best) advice is to stick to plan (any - red green or easy) but add one or two B choices each day. You will find the balance! The problem with adding treats (syns I assume) is that it is very easy to slip into your old habits, and therefore to start gaining weight again :( Nothing wrong with the occasional extra treat, but balance it with a day on plan ...

Assuming you attended class, the best advice is to keep going! I still do!


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Yes, SW reccommend that you have extra HEs in order to maintain. Unfortunately I've never been able to have the extra, as I maintain just by following the plan as usual.

If you are still losing though, then give it a try and see what works for you.
Well done and do what the others have said.Have a afew extra syns now and again as well but my main advise is to enjoy being slim and healthy as it will help you stay that way.Good luck xx


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congrats on reaching goal. try to eat more healthy extras rather than syns and just keep everything in check by weighing every week :D
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Yup. Agree with everyone else in here. I'd just stick to plan but up the healthy Es, if I were you. That's what I'm planning to do, when I reach target (still miles away for me.) :p

Congrats on the weightloss and reaching target. You should be proud.


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Congratulations on reaching target.
It's four months today since I reached target and personally have found it harder than losing. I have changed my target twice and am still 3.5 pounds below. It seems my body is taking forever to adjust.
I have added healthy extras, I've had more syns and was still losing. Now I have extra HEXs if I feel like them, just follow the plan and have the odd treat without worrying about it. I find it really difficult finding the happy medium but I go to WI every week, so if I put on I go back to plan 100%, if I loose I add a bit the next week.
BTW, my hubby is also complaining that I have lost my bum ;)


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I got to target in January. I have an extra heb a day and a couple of extra syns sometimes instead of the heb. I WI every week and still follow the plan.

My husband misses my bum too. ((SIGH))