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At it again

Hi all,
this is my second time on Lipotrim, day 2 today and all the usual stuff like headaches and lightheadedness are occuring. As a male I find it hard to decide between bulking up (weight training) and losing weight and often bounce from one to the other. I am now weighing in at 18.7 stone (my heaviest)and can't believe i have put so much weight on. 2 years ago I was down to 14.2 stone, I lost 1.9 stone on Lipotrim in just 3 weeks.

I am oblivious to my weight sometimes because I have big bulky shoulders, but lately I have caught glimpses when walking past the mirror and in photo's and can't believe I am looking at myself.

So now I have made a life choice that at 34, I want to be thinner, not skinny, but a lot thinner. I would sit happily at around 13 - 14 stone. I have realised exactly how much sugar I actually used to eat a day and I'm talking 2-3 Choc bars, biscuits, cakes, crisps etc. I see this as my opportunity to retrain my habits, something I didn't do last time. What I do remember from last time was that the types of food I was craving went from all the sugary stuff to nice Homecooked foods like Cottage Pie etc. If I can learn this time to not start eating all the sugar again I think I'll be OK.

It is important to remember that although this is designed to be a quick fix solution for immediate weight loss, use it as the vehicle to retrain yourself once you have started eating again.

One more thing, although quite expensive at £48 per week, look at it this way, if someone came along and told you they could get 2 stone off you in a month (average) for just £200, you would jump at it, would you not?

Good luck to you all, get past day 3-4 and it is a lot easier fron then on!
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Hi Petemar, it's my second time on LT so I know where you are coming from. I've not got as much to lose this time but still need the support of this forum to get me through. I've found the last week (wk 1) such a struggle but the results on the scales are so worth it. Chocolate is my downfall also, after refeed the first time round I couldn't touch the stuff but over the last 2 years it's got a good old grip of me again and that's why i'm here again....but I'm determined to get rid of the 3 stone I've put on.
Good luck and remember drink lots of water xx

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