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At target by the end of June?

I have 29lbs to lose before June 26th 2011.
If I lost 1.5 lbs a week I'd be there.
Do we think this is realistic?

I have this target in mind, because on that day I am jumping out of an aeroplane in aid of The British Liver Trust. I unfortunately became quite unwell last year with a liver problem. This totally put a hault to my weightloss and I did put some weight back on. I’m now pretty much a stone lighter than I was at the start of December. I want to get to goal for then as I am looking at it as a bit of a symbolic “rebirth”. I want to land back on Earth as a new woman, healthy and at a weight I feel happy about.

It is so important to me-and to prove all the people that ever thought I couldn’t do it wrong.

Any tips or advice?
Anyone who has around about the same weight to lose?

I have done well so far-I just want it badly and in that time frame.

Have a lovely afternoon,

Gems xx
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I'm aiming to lose 1lb a week by christmas, so not quite as much to go as quickly but good on you! x
Ha! I want to lose a lot of weight by that date too as it is my birthday!
i want to get to my 1st target by 28th june which is 27lbs for my friends birthday night out! iv already lost 33lbs which has been a bit up and down but im really focused and have set myself mini goals to keep me going so my first mini goal is my little girls 1st birthday i want to be 11.7 on the 6th April then my friends birthday 12th may i want to be 10.13 i know they are a bit ambitious but its keeping me on track! good luck! xx


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my aim is the end of june too. I dont do my first WI til tuesday, but I think it'll be about 28lbs to go


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yeah i think 1.5 lbs a week is very realistic.ive lost 1 st 5.5 lbs in 8 weeks.just keep your focus and im sure you'll get there..imagine how great it'll feel to prove all the people that said u couldnt do it wrong!!! :)
good luck xxx
Thanks for all your replies....
I'm a bit peeved at the moment. I went to my best friends place for dinner last night and she just basically told me I won't do it as I am being to hard on myself and that I always set targets that I can't achieve.
This has made me want it even more now.
I have to prove her wrong now. I want this BADLY.
I'm going to Centre Parcs with her in a few weekends-I know she'll be trying to sabotage by waving temptation under my nose. I am just going to have to be strong.
I know she means well and doesn't want me upset but I really want this and my drive is very strong. I have 3 stone (almost-2 lbs off) already so I know I have the skills-its just the application.
Best of lucky lovely people. xx


loves a curlywurly
she should be encouragıng u hun ıf she is a real friend :) xxxx and ıf she doesnt i will
You seem like you have real determination i made a deal with my husband that when i lost 3 stone he would give up smoking he said 'you will never do it ive heard it all before' i reached 3 stone weight loss within 22 weeks (started 16th Sept) he had to give up smoking last saturday ive now lost a further 4 lbs and am determined to lose another 4 stone if not more by my holiday in October. You can do it theres so much support on here you are in the right place :D

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