At target weight - how to maintain?


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Hi everyone
Im new to this forum but i have used it over the last year and it has been invaluable so thank you so much!

I have been doing SW since March 2010 and am now down to 10 stone 12lbs from 12.9 stone (Im 5ft 9"). I stick to SW pretty much 95% of the time and i exercise 4-5 times a aweek.
I put on weight very easily at uni (13.10 at heaviest!), it was'nt the food i ate but the drink and even then i was drinkning spirits! I have always eaten healthily and found it very difficult to loose my "post uni" weight. Mr GP tested for thyroid/PCOS etc but found nothing to suggest my difficulty loosing weight despite healthy eating and exercise. A friend suggested SW and i found i ate far more and the weight finally came off!
Its so easy to stick to its amazing. I have just introduced my mum so fingers crossed it will work for her.

I am just wondering how people find staying at their target weight? Does anything need to change or do i just carry on as normal? I normally do EE or green days. Im just worried if i introduce any more HE i will put on weight. Because of the training i do i have to go alot on clothing fitting as muscle weighs more and i do body pump!

One more quick question how much fruit do people eat a day? i have been eating 3-4 pieces daily which im worrying is too much sugar and also what effect it will have on my teeth.

I have never been to a class but went with mum last night and i know that i need to varying my diet more. With mum on the plan we will start exploring more dishes!

Thanks for listening to my ramble.
Any tips/suggestions is much appreciated!

sarah x
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