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at the end of the day does anyone else feel...


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I sail through the day at work without even thinking about it, but once I get home and the kids / oh are eating, it makes me want to nibble as well.
But I have been resisting, but like you it can be so hard...


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i did it for 5 weeks non stop and was fine, but then i had a 10 day break and really enjoyed eating chocolate, i guess thats why its harder now!


Finally a size 12!
Nights are harder. I went to bed at 9 and had a cry for some strange reason feel better today though. Think it was cause my dad was making steak with all the trimmings xxx


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S: 10st4lb C: 8st7lb G: 7st12lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 1st11lb(17.36%)
During the day i am fine but at night i keep thinking about biting into a chunk of milk chocolate!! Have a diary and put a big tick across each day when it is over!!!

i was thinking of doing a countdown chart to my last week (i have 2 and a half weeks left) and ticking the boxes as i go along
it might spur me on a little!


Mad as a Hatter
S: 12st10lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Men eh....
I must admit my oh is being quite good - he offers to make all his own meals, but I get some kind of sadistic kick from making myself cook for him, just to prove that I won't give in...
I'v stopped buying chocolate, if its not in the house i cant eat it. We went shopping yesterday and i bought the kids some chocolate buttons. I made sure i got white ones which i'm not keen on so i'm not tempted. But since i started lt the rest of the family has been eating healthier and my fella is having his evening meal earlier than before, as we would wait till all the kids were settled and 2 lil ones were in bed then have our tea. Which would usually be chinese or something easy and quick to cook so it could'v been 8.30 by the time we'd eat. Not anymore i have my last shake about 5.30 and he has his tea about 6 when he comes in from work. The kids have also started eating more fruit and veg. Bailey my eldest he's always loved fruit. Give him the choice of a bunch of grapes and a bar or chocolate he'd opt for the grapes lol.
My fella has been really suportive this last 2 weeks if i feel like eating he'l say no you cant and i listen to him. He wont order takeaways now because he knows its not fair on me. Bless him x

rainbow brite

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Pretty much :) Even though I'm finding LT really easy now, it still brings a sense of achievement after every single day to know that I got through it without food.


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I dont eat anymore, I keep telling myself that and it seems to work.

I'm sort of detached from eating now, watching people eat greasy food makes feel feel quite ill.

Very strange.
phew i managed to get through another day!
yesterday i was sooooooo tempted to give in to my chocolate craving, last night i just lay in bed and though phew i managed to get through today with LT.
Some days are soo tough

i know what you mean!! some days are harder than others...so you just have to keep thinking tomorrow will be easier!! i find having the shakes as late as possible helps cut down on the cravings!! and as the others suggested...putting a big red cross thru the days you have suceeded is quite rewarding. not at first perhaps...but after a couple of weeks it starts to look like an achievement!!

don't give in!! you CAN do it!! and you'll be so proud of yourself when you reach your goal!!! ;)


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I don't even think about it any more :)

I do have 'hunger' pangs when I'm due my shakes but I'm extremely satisfied afterwards & just keep glugging the water :)

I am smoking like a trooper these days mind so possibly that's my food substitute.... I know it's bad for me but I figure I'm just trading vices...


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I am fine all week but then i find sundays really hard, purely because of boredem, every thing is done in the house, dont need to go to work, the kids & OH have sunday dinner & then we usually do something together. It's not that i'm hungry it's just trying to break that habbit, i'm finding each sunday easier & i think you will find each day easier as it passes.
i just think another day gone,more weight gone, it has kept me going, i have had ups and downs throughout this experience but losing the weight has kept me going and i knew i wouldnt stop until i reach my target, at times it has been complete torture if i am honest but i just went to bed early or tried to take myself away from the situation.

i am finding it hard at the moment as i feel like i am hungry and cant seem to get rid of the feeling but after 19 weeks on the diet with only two-three left to target there is no way that i am giving up until i reach my goal !

keep up the good work everyone ! we are all in this together, we will do it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Sadly I have found it easy to stick to, mainly coz of this site. I've been on LT for 14 weeks with the prospect of at least another 14 to go. To be honest I'm scared of eating again and like the security of LT. There is chocolate in the house for the children but I have never been tempted. What does get me dribbling is the smell of fresh strawberrie, yum!


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