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ate dominos PIZZA! feel bad


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I just went to a kids party to help my friend, and they did dominos pizza delivery as the food, which was a FAB idea.................until.................2 slices later..................u guessed it! straight in! no stopping for breath................
how much damage do you think ive done? im so annoyed. and than i ate 4 Roses chocolates? Im useless when the food is in front of me!
Has anyone else eaten pizza and still lost weight!? my WI is on friday
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You may well still lose weight, but you've probably knocked yourself out of ketosis I'm afraid. Get back on to CD 100% to minimise the damage. I also find it helps to reflect on times like this, and use it the next time you're tempted.

You CAN do this!
dont worry just put it behind you, i know how you feel, and its a really bad guilty feeling, but just get back on track and hopefully you havnt done too much damage... the worst thing is constantly thinking about it..
Good Luck


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Yep, what the others said! Get straight back on the wagon, to minimise the damage for your weigh in on Friday! xxx


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aw try not to worry or it a just make it worse...drink a extra litre and start afresh right now hun.i lost one pound one week and i didnt cheat you can either feel sorry for yourself or look at yourself in mirror and remind yourself how DETERMINED you are.. YOU WILL CAN CAN CAN BEAT THIS xxx

Mrs B

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Get straight back on CD and try to minimise the damage. If we were great at ignoring food none of us'd be on this diet. Look on it as a learning opportunity.


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thanks everyone! i will TRY harder ! and see what happens friday?
kids back to school tomorow, been off 2 wks easter hols, it throws me out when im out of routine! and easter eggs! etc etc!
must get glugging that water eh
You can do it FYP, after all, we're only human! [hug]
get straight back on the wagon as the girls said you prob did go out of ketosis. I had a blip last week and still lost 2lbs so it is poss u will still lose.
Keep going :)

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