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Atkins and water


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Morning guys,

Im another cd/atkins combiner, but for the last 3 weeks or so im more atkins, only really have a CD shake for brekkie then the rest of the day is atkins.:)

As you my know the cambridge diet swears by the water drinking ( minimm 3 litres really) and i was wonderig what atkins stance on that was?

To be honest i have really cut down my water in the last 3 weeks to about 3 pints a day and havnt noticed any bad affect.

Thanks for any advice guys xxxx
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i was told a minimum of 2 litres of water per day when u are at goal weight and to add an extra 500ml for every stone ur overweight

hope this helps


Atkins is the same for water, at least 2l a day to help mobile the ketose and break down the fat


Happy to be slim at last
I combine VLCD and Atkins and still drink at least 4L a day. If I don't, I retain water and constipated :eek:. I think it just keeps everything working nicely in your body.


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the two litres of water you drink in a day should be in addition to any other liquid you have

2litres is the amount u should drink if u are at target weight

any carbonated or caffeinated drinks [although we shouldnt be having caffeine on atkins] are diuretics meaning they can make ur bod hold on to water so it is best to avoid them as much as possible, if you cant avoid them then you should drink the equivalent in water on top of ur recommended daily intake.

i aint a dietician - i just research lots
If you drink too much water people have been known to die or become seriously ill...so Im scared of water


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peopel only die of water if they drink pints and pints fo the stuff in a very short period of time - it floods the major organs and u can drown.

2ltrs over the course of 12 hours will NOT kill u - in fact it will make u feel more alive
I agree, spread over the course of a day it will make you feel good and is good for you. I drink at lest 8 pints a day that plus a lot of green tea.

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