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Atkins bars

Did you say you had chips on friday? I might have read someone else saying that, sorry, there are a lot of juleses around right now! If so, that will be the reason you're struggling for a loss - when you cheat on this diet you can gain back 6lbs of water weight overnight. But if you can keep the atkins bars to a minimum it's probably a good idea; the bars contain sugar alcohols which stall some people (including me). How many have you been having?
Yeah that was me with the chips!!!!! Ive been having them daily, as before without any issues, I was hoping the amount of exercise ive been doing might have counteracted the chips,, sadly not!!!! I wont be doing that again in a hurry! that coupled with TOTM meant that come weigh in ( today) I had lost,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a lb!

Still, losing despite a cheat isn't bad at all! The reason cheating is such a pain on atkins is because, first you gain the water weight back, then you need to get into ketosis again to start burning fat. It's not like with calories where if you have too many one day, having less the next will balance it out. But you're back on the wagon and it sounds to me like you're doing well! TOTM plays havoc with a lot of people.

Maybe try only having 3 bars this week and see if it helps?

-Just adding also that you're already just about within the healthy range for your BMI, so your losses in general will probably be a little smaller than people with more to lose.
Yeah defo gunna try and cut back on them! im going to weigh on a saturday from now on, only have alcohol on weigh in day,well night and see how i go. I really have no idea why i ate them chips last week, i wasnt even hungry!!!!! BUT thats the past and the future looks rosy so BRING IT ON!!!!

Hmmmmmmmm,, wonder why they bloody sell em if folk can't lose weight when eating em!!!! Like I say I never had a prob with them before, since i stopped smoking my body has gone NUTS!!!


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