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atkins help please


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I didn't last that long on slimfast maybe a week or two. Best place to start is to get an atkins book, I got mine from Boots for £6. You can read the stickies on here as well and visit www.atkins.com, good luck x


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Well I have been on atkins a week and a half now. So far lost 6lbs. The important thing is to understand what the diet is about - and that means reading about the four stages of the diet - they can be found on the top of the page, where the stickies are. Alternatively, use a search engine and then decide whether Atkins is for you.

I am on induction at the moment, which means that I am having a maximum of 20g of carbs a day. Most meats are allowed, as is fish. Veggies are limited, as is most fruits. Some low carb fruit is okay, such as strawberries and blueberries.

Personally I think it's important to plan your meals in advance - make sure you know exactly what you're eating and how many carbs each component has. Water is an absolute MUST. 2litres minimum. This helps flush the body of toxins and also helps the body get into ketosis, or fat burning mode - which typically happens about day 2-3.
Exercise is also a must, this helps to accelerate the burning of fat stores during ketosis, therefore speeding up weight-loss.

I'd reccoment getting the book if you think Atkins is the diet for you - it will tell you in more detail what the diet involves. I don't think Atkins is a diet - it is a new way of eating for life.

Welcome, and good luck! :)

how long does the bad time last ? will i have energy for 4 kids iv had 2 shakes slimfast today plus chicken dinner and to tell u truth i feel crap my head is killing so its really no pots pasta bread is it white or brown bread also ? xx


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the bad breath will go in time energy well should increase, as the girls say read the book and look at the website loads info.
the atkins flu lasts for a couple of days, its only ilke having a cold where you cant be bothered to run around after the kids so you can cope with feeling crap for a couple of days...

after that passes you have so much energy its silly, your kids will be running around after you!!!

you wont be instilling bad eating habits to the kids either, youll be eating 3 meals a day

would you allow your kids to have a milkshake for lunch and dinner? i know i wouldnt lol

you dont miss the carbs after a couple of weeks too, you can make your meals like normal and add carbs for the kids so bulk their meals up.

Its worth giving it a go,
i feel like that most days with my thyriod anyway and i would never let my kids get fat they eat well its me that have the bad food while there in school and im out and see the fast foods xxx


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Well I couldnt do slim fast because I couldnt get past the not eating for two meals a day. I lasted approximately two days lol

I dunno bout four kids but I have a very energetic two year old and now I can more than keep up with him. I've gone from being so sluggish I cant be bothered to leave the sofa to bouncing out of bed in the morning.

You will feel crappy the first week or so but it soon passes. The only thing I can suggest is give it a go and see if it suits you.

Good luck with it x
It's funny when you start to low carb and you look back at the full sugar diet shakes you used to drink. You think, 33 carbs (or whatever) per shake! More than a day's carbs now in most cases.

I think Slim Fast is fine if you can stick to it. My problem has always been that sugary things sooner or later lead to my being very hungry. There must be a lot of fibre in SF shakes cos I could drink one in the morning and not feel hungry again for hours.

The evenings, however, were a different matter!
LOL, I tried everything under the sun Eva, the only thing that worked for me was Atkins. I have managed to maintain as well :)
well i try the atkins slim fast cal counting so now back to atkins i broke last time as felt so bad my head and body and my heart was palps iv been back on day 3 now and i feel great in energy but my head still feels bad and i feel like after u go for a long walk u body burns after i have that feeling in my arms n legs ?
Sounds like Atkins flu to me Eva.
ooww yeh, my legs burned like i had been to the gym and i cramped easily too, but honestly it DOES pass....

keep going xx
thats it it feels like when u walked far and u body is burning and my arms but i feel more energy apart from my head feels like i cant see straight lol
ah, LOL, you've passed the magic 50 post marker so you can see my pics now, they have been there all the time, honest. :) You'll be able to piost your own pics now Eva.

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