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    Hi all, I'm really really struggling with VLCDs and end up giving up after a few days. I'm seriously considering atkins but I'm wondering, would it be possible to lose 3stone by the end of November, 13 weeks away? If I stick to it seriously ridgedly? I know everyone's different but any estimate would be greatly appreciated. I'm 18st 11lbs :(
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    Hie! Am new to Atkins so I wouldn't be able to answer that. Just wanted to say if you are struggling on the VLCD at least try Atkins instead of giving up on dieting like people sometimes do. That way if you feel ready you can switch back to your VLCD and best of all you'll be in ketosis so hunger will be gone. HTH x

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    When I last did Atkins I lost about a stone a month, first month I lost 18lbs so it is doable.
    But we are all different.
    Good luck with what ever you do :)
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    Hi there! I'd say it is do-able but only if you totally commit to doing Atkins to the letter and going easy on portion sizes. This is not a gorge and get thin plan! Moderation - yes that old-fashioned word and concept we carb addicts find so difficult - is essential to get the best out of this wonderful way of eating.

    Read the stickies at the top of the page - 'so you're thinking of starting atkins' - and buy or borrow one of the recent books. Cheap second hand on amazon, or free from the public library. Don't just wing it by relying on guesswork, alone. During Induction you are allowed 20g carbs per day maximum. 15g of those carbs should come from green leafy veg, not just salad and lettuce. Salad leaves alone are not nutritious enough.

    The rate at which you lose weight depends on how much you have to lose in the first place, and whether or not you have come from a carb-restricting diet immediately before doing Atkins. Even so you should see a very good first week or fortnight loss, which gets you started and gets you comfortably into established ketosis. That way your old hunger and carb cravings will lessen and lessen until you have forgotten you used to have any!

    Try to avoid meal replacement bars, shakes and sugar free sweets etc. They can stall very badly. They can also lead to cravings for 'the real thing'. Just go on a lean and green Atkins mission from now until the end of November. You will be able to enjoy a wide variety of permitted foods, and need never ever feel hungry. Don't overdo the cheese! Nor the cream or other dairy.

    Good luck, and keep posting x
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    Excellent advice from all - definitely doable if you are strict. But can also choose to lose slower while setting up a new lifestyle - the upside is that then you can keep doing even on speciall occasions amd on holidays - slow, steady and hopefully life changing :D
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    Atkins, low carb, low cal(ish), low fat(ish)
    Good luck with it ... Great advice on here! :)
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