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Atkins or Dukan?

S: 19st9lb

I'm determined to lose about 4stone and I don't know which to do, Atkins or the new one Dukan? Can anyone shed any light? I know alot of people who've done Atkins and regained it all back :/ so I'm worried?
Any motivational stories, tips, advise?

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We all know people who have done this or that diet - and later put it all back. It depends on whether you are careful after reaching goal or whether you go right back to eating the way you did before - the way that got you fat in the first place.

I love Atkins and have lost a huge amount of weight. I've been maintaining that loss for years. The rate of loss has slowed now cos I am very close to goal, but that is to be expected. I am currently upping my exercise to see if that gets things moving again.

I am vegetarian so probably can't do Dukan and in any case I wouldn't like to have to do without vegetables as I think they are vital for health. I don't know much about Dukan just read a couple of articles.

Whatever you decide to do, don't worry about regain afterwards. If you stick to low carb principles you won't gain it back!

Good luck and just go for it x
S: 19st9lb
I was one of those regainers after doing Lipotrim :(
I think I underestimated carbs though, think I have to rethink my entire lifestyle and rid the carbs from it!

If I followed Atkins, to the letter, how long would it take me -roughly- to lose 4stone? I know everyone's different but a rough guideline?
Thanks for your reply :)


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Well it all depends on your individual metabolism, but I guess, and it IS a guess - maybe 4 stone in 5-6 months?
Yeah that's a fair guess! For some people weight just falls off in the first month - particularly in the first two weeks. It is hard to estimate because individual response varies so much from person to person. Atkins can involve a fair bit of tinkering to see what suits your body and metabolism, and what doesn't - usually only a problem if losses slow down or stall.

For me being able to eat real food, in moderate quantities, and enjoy appetite suppression at the same time, is wonderful. And veggies, too mmmm!


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I depends what suits you best really Daisy. Not every diet is suitable for every person love.


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Morning Jim must agree best find what suits-i am playing around adding more carbs ie naughty foods see what may add weight not alot at the moment


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Hi Daisy
I was on Atkins since Jan and it was good (my weight loss was 18 lbs but i put on over the last week) I have just started Dukan yesterday.
They are very similar except the low fat on Dukan and high fat on Atkins.
If you can afford to I would buy both books and see what you think.
The old Atkins seems to be high fat, whereas Ive heard the new Atkins is lower fat and more veg at induction.

I have just lost my motivation so needed to start a new diet TBH and was sick of greens (dont tell Jim!).
I've peeked at the Dukan forum a few times and it seems very complicated compared to Atkins. Not sure I could handle it!

Still - to those who have switched I wish the very best. If you like Dukan and you lose weight then your move was probably wise x

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