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I'm new here & was looking for somewhere for dieting support. A little about me: I'm 23, and hoping to lose around 40 pounds. I have already stopped drinking soda as of last week, and that's going really well. I was probably drinking around 3 or more cans per day equaling at least 450 calories. I'm hoping by doing that and eating better, I will drop those pounds. I just bought a treadmill today and plan to start at least waking every day starting in the morning. By doing those things only, anyone know how long it may take to lose those pounds assuming nothing else in my diet changes? Any tips or motivation is helpful! Thanks! 😊
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Welcome Tyson. Great start.

You may find that eating less carbs will help you - especially "white" foods like rice potatoes pasta,, cereal and bread. Check out Jason Fung's videos on you tube, Keto Fitness Club on facebook if you are in the UK and (lots of info available without paying btw!)..

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Welcome to Minis Tyson.

Great start. I lost the same amount in about 5ish months.