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Atkins snack bars?


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Hi. The bars tell you on the packet which stages they are suitable for. I don't think I had any during induction, instead opting for other snacks. There was a "snacks on induction" thread recently if you have a look through you will get some good ideas.
If I do indulge in a snack bar it is quite rarely as they are known to slow/stall weightloss in some people. So if you do I would reccommend them as not for everyday use. Take care


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I strongly recommend that you avoid bars on induction for a couple of reasons -
The polyols spike some peoples insulin so cause cravings
Then have unfortunate effect on some peoples inside
They stall many people

Try to avoid if you can or keep as an absolute treat eg at weekend when others have dessert!
Thank u so much for help and support... Cokes and kate how long have you both been on Atkins and can I be cheeky and ask weight wise how you are both doing? Thank you! :)


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Hi no problem. Can you see my signature/stats? Been on atkins just coming up to seven months and lost 47lb. I can smell just being overweight in the next 3 lbs or so lol;)

It's amazing - im a true atkins convert and ive never felt so healthy. Even though im on holiday i had to rush out this morning to a local zumba class to use some excess energy :D


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Hi I'm guessing you can't see my signature either. I started in April and have lost 34 lbs to date. Still got over 60 to go but with this lifestyle I'm confident I can achieve it


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Hi Friend and welcome - you'll be able to see pics and stats once you reach 50 posts, so why not start your own diary under that section at the top and post away telling us what you're eating and any questions you may have.

Re the bars, all of the above advice is very good - but I also think you need to be practical if you have a lot of weight to lose (like me, I'm just over 300 lbs now). I am in it for the long haul and satisy the occasional craving for something chocolately by having half an Atkins milk choc crispy bar.

1.9 net carbs for the whole thing - but I only have half to reduce the stalling effects.


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Good plan - do yourself a diary! Was reading my induction this morning and really useful to go back and see what i was feeling and eating:)

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