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Atkins to Slimming World

Hi all,

I'm just wondering whether any of you have switched from Atkins to SW successfully?

I'm worried that by not eating carbs then switching i could put on weight rather than lose it?

I did SW years ago and loved doing red/green days but seems a little more complicated now. I would definately join a class and my next one is one Monday night so hoping to start then. Any comments, help would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you, Claire
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You could start off with just doing red days and then gradually introduce the new extra easy days. Red and green days are still part of SW. It's just that they push extra easy for new members as it is actually easier than red or green. (Unless you're used to red and green and find extra easy confusing).
Thanks Teresa, i've never done extra easy but it sounds complicated and also don't believe it works (maybe i will after class) so wills probs just go with red days and maybe one green a week until my body adjusts :)
Well there are loads of people on here who will be able to tell you that Extra Easy does work! After all it would make no business sense to introduce a new plan and promote it to death if it didn't work. It is essentially just healthy eating so there is no reason why it should not work. Plus it is a lot less complicated than the other plans because you are less restricted in what you can eat.

Good luck!


A curious kitten!
I've done Atkins a few times and the amount of carbs you can eat doing SW freaked me out at first but it seems to work. The only thing I do miss is cheese which you have to be careful with on all plans.

I agree with a previous poster who said do red days if it does un-nerve you. My hubby often a few weeks of Atkins so I do easy extra or red with tons of veg.

I'm loving tucking into baked potatos and pasta again!
Thanks Stoffie, i'm not a big cheese eater so that won't be a problem. Will miss all the mayo on my salads tho lol. So looking foward to a JP with tuna haha
Thanks Stoffie, i'm not a big cheese eater so that won't be a problem. Will miss all the mayo on my salads tho lol. So looking foward to a JP with tuna haha
You can still have mayo on your salads, worry not :)
I went from Atkins to SW because I was craving carbs so I went straight onto green and really blew it!!! I put on masses of weight :-( I would recommend going red (original) and only slowly introduce healthy carbs. If you can bear it try and stick to brown rice and pasta if you have them.

I think it will depend on how many carbs you were having on Atkins. I stayed on induction levels for almost a year, and to go straight from that to green was a disaster!!

Best of luck with whatever you decide
I tried the Dukan diet for a week - felt so **** and ended up with a migrane, so craved carbs later that day but couldnt- so had to just have chicken. Yes i lost 7lbs in that time but as soon as i stopped and started sw it all went back on. But have now lost 11lbs in 4 weeks. So i am a happy bunny now indeed.
I did eat very little carbs on atkins, mainly stuck to induction, so will probably just have one green day a week and see how i get on. Stocked up today and lots of veg and salad etc, going to class tomorrow night to get all the new info etc :)
I did ATkins prior to Slimming World. I too kept on induction level carbs then went into Slimming World GREEN!!
Noticed a small loss on first week when I thought as I had about 4 stone to lose, I would see a big loss. But Green and carbs havn't slowed down my losses.
Don't write off EE, in just 14 weeks I have lost 2st 11.5lbs by sticking to EE, not only does it work but it is so easy to incorporate into a 'normal' diet. I really feel this time I will be able to maintain when I get to target.

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